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Clinton Tied to ISIS-Absolute Proof! Sanctioned Use of Chemical Weapons

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

WikiLeaks continues to reveal criminal and outright treasonous behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton. WikiLeaks, with their “retrieval” of Clinton emails continues to show ties between Clinton and foreign governments, criminally corrupt corporations and serious human rights violations.

At the center of the WikiLeaks revelations of Clinton’s treason and criminal behavior demonstrates undeniable links to Lafarge. Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS in order that they could protect its cement factory from destruction. The factor is located approximately northeast of Aleppo, Syria.

Another criminal investigation conducted by a Syrian news agency, Zaman al-Wasl, an independent news organization, stated that Lafarge bought oil from ISIS on a consistent basis.

In a 2007 Washington Post article, at a time, when Clinton provided the bulk of the Clinton family income. in the 1990’s before husband Bill was elected President of the United States. Hillary Clinton, at that time, was “earning more than $100,000 a year from her law firm salary and corporate board fees.” At the time, she served on Lafarge’s board, making about $31,000 a year from the company. the year 2007, was the year that Lafarge built its cement plant in Syria.

Influence Pedaling, Obstruction of Justice and Mass Murder Was the Order of the Day for Clinton While Working for Lafarge

In nsome respects, it could be said that Hillary Clinton has calmed down since her days on the Rose Law Firm and subsequently serving on the Lafarge Board of Directors, which she did from 1990-1992 Clinton’s record on the Board consists of extreme human rights violations and treason to the United States of America, who had placed an embargo on weapons shipments to Iraq, of any kind, during the time that Clinton was working for Lafarge.

From the Canary:

?Lafarge’s Ohio subsidiary was caught burning hazardous waste to fuel cement plants. Clinton defended the decision at the time.

Then just before her husband, Bill Clinton, was elected president in 1992, Lafarge was fined $1.8 million by the Environmental Protection Agency for these pollution violations. Hillary Clinton had left the board of Lafarge in spring, just after her husband won the Democrat nomination. A year later, under Bill’s presidency, the Clinton administration reduced Lafarge’s EPA fine to less than $600,000.
From the American Spectator:

The American Spectator report from November 1996 cited sources confirming that Hillary Clinton did legal work for Lafarge in the late 1980s before she became a director. The report also claimed that Lafarge’s US subsidiary:

“…provided key services for the covert arms export network that supplied Saddam Hussein. To prevent exposure of that secret supply line, and collateral damage to Hillary Clinton – who joined Lafarge board in 1990, just as the arms pipeline was being shut down… the Justice Department was told to bury the investigation… But investigators from other US government agencies who worked on the case say they were ‘waved off’ whenever they got too close to exposing the direct involvement of the intelligence community in the arms export scheme.” (Ed. Note: This is would be the poison gas shipments to Hussein that my Benghazi source spoke of.)

Hillary Was a Part of Sadam Hussein’s Secret Weapons Program

When I was investigating Benghazi, one of kurds 2my confidential sources told me that Hillary Clinton sat on the board of the company that provided poison gas to Hussein, who in turn used the gas to attack the Kurds. Today, I am finding evidence to validate the truth of this claim.

Poison gas used in the Iran-Iraq War was manufactured using ingredients reportedly supplied by LaFarge. Five thousand Kurds were gassed to death by chemicals supplied by the very company

that Hillary Clinton was working for while serving on their board of directors. As stated, she was paid for her role in these activities.

One Dirty Hand Washes the Other

In a major conflict 2013 annual meeting of the Clinton Foundation, Lafarge’s Executive Vice President for Operations, Eric Olson, was a “featured attendee.” The influence pedaling did not stop in 2013. For the fiscal years of 2015 and 2016, Lafarge was listed as a donor to the nefarious Clinton Foundation.

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  • rich

    Why didn’t NYT disclose that Michael Morell works for the PR firm founded by notorious HRC flack Philippe Reines?

    New York Times Fails to Disclose Op-Ed Writer’s Ties to Hillary Clinton’s ‘Principal Gatekeeper’
    Michael Krieger |

    Today, everyone is talking about Michael Morell’s Op-Ed in the New York Times in which the former acting director of the CIA strongly endorses Hillary Clinton while calling Donald Trump “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”

    At the end of the piece the New York Times informs readers that:

    Michael J. Morell was the acting director and deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2010 to 2013.

    That’s a pretty brief bio and leaves out some material information about what the man’s been up to since. For example, Mr. Morell is a Senior Counselor for D.C.-based international consulting firm, Beacon Global Strategies. So who runs Beacon Global Strategies?

    Well, one of its founders is a man named Philippe Reines. Here’s an excerpt from his bio:

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