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Clinton Says She Wouldn’t Criticize a Republican Who Did What She Did: ‘I Would Be Looking at the Work’

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

Hillary Clinton says she would not criticize a Republican presidential candidate who took donations from foreign interests while serving as secretary of state.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski asked Clinton, “If a Republican candidate who was actually credible — who was running against you and served as secretary of state and ran a foundation that took donations from foreign entities, wouldn’t you be criticizing him or her for a conflict of interest?”

“Mika, I would not be criticizing. I would be looking at the work,” Clinton responded.

“And if there were no evidence — and I mean people can say whatever they want, I understand that — but if there were no evidence that there was any conflict, I would say look, I appreciate the work that they did to help 11-and-a-half million people around the world get more affordable medicines; and I appreciate the work that was done to help more people make a living and get a job and to help American kids battle obesity and get better food.

“I would appreciate that, because if you look at everything the (Clinton) Foundation did, it’s very much in line with what our government has done.”

Clinton pointed to the joint effort by President George W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton to help people living with HIV/AIDS. “So there is, in my view, a lot of very positive lessons to be learned.”

Clinton admitted that “greater efforts” would be needed to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest if she becomes president. The Clintons have said they will stop accepting money from foreign and corporate interests if Hillary becomes president, and Bill will join Hillary in stepping down from the Foundation’s board.

But Clinton on Friday told MSNBC that winding down Foundation programs “takes time,” so calls for the Clintons to transfer the Foundation to another partner will not happen immediately.

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