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Clinton Plans to Destroy America Through Taxation

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Hillary’s formally proposed $1 trillion net tax increase will break the backs of most working Americans and small businesses. Remember, if you have a full-time job, you are already supporting the 101 million Americans that do not have full-time employment! And now, Hillary is going to increase that burden by greatly increasing your taxes is elected to the White House.

American corporations already have the highest tax in the world at 35% federal, and an average of 4% state, for a total of 39%. If you are a small businessman, you are already paying at least 45% of your income back to the government. Despite this miserable tax situation, Clinton wants to add to your onerous burden associated with paying the highest taxes in the world.

Under Clinton’s tax plan, you will lose most of your itemized deductions. The increased tax on incomine, capital gains, etc. are mind-numbing. And if you think you can leave the country to avoid paying, what will be, the highest taxes in the world, think again. You might be able to leave the country, but a significant portion of your money will not leave with you. Under clinton, there will nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. This willl be due to Clinton’s proposed Exit Tax.

The following short video breaks down some of the more onerous taxes that are coming our way, if Clinton is elected to the White House.

Documentation for the Some of the Planned Clinton Tax Increases

The following partial synopsis comes from Americans Tax Reform:

Hillary’s formally proposed $1 trillion net tax increase consists of the following:

Income Tax Increase – $350 Billion: Clinton has proposed a $350 billion income tax hike in the form of a 28 percent cap on itemized deductions.

Business Tax Increase — $275 Billion: Clinton has called for a tax hike of at least $275 billion through undefined business tax reform, as described in a Clinton campaign document.

“Fairness” Tax Increase —$400 Billion: According to her published plan, Clinton has called for a tax increase of “between $400 and $500 billion” by “restoring basic fairness to our tax code.” These proposals include a “fair share surcharge,” the taxing of carried interest capital gains as ordinary income, and a hike in the Death Tax.

Capital Gains Tax Increase —Clinton has proposed an increase in the capital gains tax to counter the “tyranny of today’s earnings report.” Her plan calls for a byzantine capital gains tax regime with six rates. Her campaign has not put a dollar amount on this tax increase.

Tax on Stock Trading — Clinton has proposed a new tax on stock trading. Costs associated with this new tax will be borne by millions of American families that hold 401(k)s, IRAs and other savings accounts. The tax increase would only further burden markets by discouraging trading and investment. Again, no dollar figure for this tax hike has been released by the Clinton campaign.

“Exit Tax” – Rather than reduce the extremely high, uncompetitive corporate tax rate, Clinton has proposed a series of measures aimed at inversions including an “exit tax” on income earned overseas. The term “exit tax” is used by the Democratic campaign itself. Her campaign documents describing this proposal says it will raise $80 billion in tax revenue, but claims some of the $80 billion will be plowed into tax relief. How much? The campaign doesn’t say.”

The Highest Corporate Taxes in the World

But wait, there are even more Clinton tax hike proposals not included in the previous list. Her campaign has failed to release specific details for many of her proposals. The actual Clinton net tax hike figure is likely much higger than $1 trillion.

The Wealth Redistribution Scheme Known as a Carbon Tax

Carbon taxes, emanating from cap and trade policies, occur after the government has privatized all energy and reassigned the custody of energy to a few select corporations. With no competition, they are free to charge whatever they want. Listen to this very short clip as Obama describes what this “cap and trade system” will do to electricity rates.

Electricity rates would skyrocket? And people wonder why Donald Trump says that electing Clinton is the same as electing Obama for four more years?

smart meters 2Under a cap and trade carbon taxes system, you will be living a greatly reduced lifestyle, and like the serfs of the Middle Ages, you will not be traveling more than a dozen miles from your dimly lit homes. In the winter you will be cold. In the summer you will be hot, because you simply will not be able to afford the carbon taxes associated with your energy use. A few corporations will own all energy and you will be living the miserable life of a serf and the process has already befgun, it is just that Hillary will be the closer. The Smart Meter invasion of your homes is just the beginning. All small businesses will go broke, the economy will crumble and jobs will greatly decrease. Further, this is a depopulation event. Many have estimated that an economic crash could kill as many as 65 to 90 million Americans. I am certain that this is what the globalists call killing two birds with one stone.

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