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Clinton Camp: Trump ‘Shameless’ for Attacking Muslim Speaker

from Washington Examiner:

Donald Trump is “truly shameless” to attack Muslim Khizr Khan and his wife for repudiating the former reality TV star at the Democratic convention, according to the Clinton campaign.

Khizr spoke at the convention in Philadelphia earlier this week, strongly repudiating Trump’s immigration policies. Khizr and his wife Ghazala, who stood by his side while giving the speech, had a son who was an Army captain who died in Iraq back in 2004.

On Saturday, Trump pointed out that his wife was silent during the speech. “I’d like to hear his wife say something,” he said in a New York Times interview, which was taken as a suggestion that she was silent because she is a Muslim woman.

Trump’s response earned a sharp rebuke from the Clinton campaign on Saturday.

“Trump is truly shameless to attack the family of an American hero,” tweeted Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney. “Many thanks to the Khan family for your sacrifice, we stand with you.”

Trump elaborated on his comments during excerpts from a pre-taped interview with George Stephanopoulos to run during ABC’s “This Week,” to be aired on Sunday, speculating whether Clinton’s speechwriters might have prohibited her from saying anything.

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4 comments to Clinton Camp: Trump ‘Shameless’ for Attacking Muslim Speaker

  • d

    Shameless is HILLARY CLINTON……imho

  • rich

    Russia Expert Stephen Cohen: Trump Wants To Stop The New Cold War, But The American Media Just Doesn’t Understand Real Clear Politics

    Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at NYU and Princeton, spoke with CNN’s ‘Smerconish’ Saturday morning about Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and the ‘New Cold War.’

    Cohen says the media at large is doing a huge disservice to the American people by ignoring the substance of Trump’s arguments about NATO and Russia, and buying the Clinton campaign’s simplistic smear that Trump is a Russian “Manchurian candidate.”

    “That reckless branding of Trump as a Russian agent, most of it is coming from the Clinton campaign,” Cohen said. “And they really need to stop.”

    “We’re approaching a Cuban Missile Crisis level nuclear confrontation with Russia,” he explained. “And there is absolutely no discussion, no debate, about this in the American media.”

    “Then along comes, unexpectedly, Donald Trump,” he continued, “Who says he wants to end the New Cold War, and cooperate with Russia in various places… and –astonishingly– the media is full of what only can be called neo-McCarthyite charges that he is a Russian agent, that he is a Manchurian candidate, and that he is Putin’s client.”

    “This is a moment when there should be, in a presidential year, a debate,” he said. “And that is not what we are given in the media today.”

    “Let’s go back to what you said Trump said about NATO,” Cohen also said. “Trump said early on, he wanted to know, 60 years after its foundation, what was NATO’s mission today. 100 policy wonks in Washington since the end of the Soviet Union, 25 years ago, have asked the same question. Is NATO an organization in search of a mission?”

    “That’s a legitimate question –but we don’t debate it. We don’t ask it. We just say, oh, Trump wants to abandon NATO.”

    Full transcript:

  • Mr Cause

    LOL was this a joke?……”sharp rebuke”

    how sharp can a liar rebuke anything? Hillary is now making a fool of anyone on her side including the MSM.

    These are the same people printing trillions of unbacked dollars.

    When is the emergency alert going to go off on my TV and all these lies get suddenly forgotten?

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