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Chris Martenson – Beware of Intoxicants

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

Chris Martenson believes that you’re going to need all of your wits about you to make it through the next phase of the collapse. That’s why he’s sworn off all alcohol and you probably should too, although I haven’t yet. There’s nothing rational about the current economy and it is enough to make you want to hit the bottle. But go for things with lasting value and you’ll do okay in the long run. Just don’t expect to be able to make sense of things before the reset, even the so-called professionals can’t do that.

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1 comment to Chris Martenson – Beware of Intoxicants

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yes, be wary of “intoxicants”, etc, and don’t let yourself go down that drain, but also, DO STOCK UP on plenty of “intoxicants” because even when economies CRASH, there is always a DEMAND for intoxicants.

    We all know of people who claim they cannot pay the rent, or the gas/electric bills, but they never go without a bottle of something to drink, and they never go without a pack of cigarettes or a bag of weed.

    They always seem to find some spare money for those things, eh? Hard Liquor “keeps” forever, but the more delicate “organics” have a limited shelf life.

    I actually bought some BAGS of rolling tobacco (ONE POUND bad will make 30 packs of cigarettes) for about $15 or $20 per bag, but ONLY if you buy the bags labeled as PIPE TOBACCO (because the government puts a HUGE tax on bags labeled as CIGARETTE tobacco).

    Tobacco companies that sell this stuff, produce the RIGHT tobacco for rolling cigarettes, but they LABEL and SELL it as PIPE tobacco and this reduces your purchase price down from about $50 or $80 per bag, to less than $20.

    And I don’t even SMOKE, but I do want to be ready to BARTER with DESPERATE smokers going thru withdrawals.
    I also bought about a dozen, low priced cigarette rolling devices (for about $3 or $4 each), and a couple jumbo boxes/cases of rolling papers, and I also bought a couple dozen boxes of Cigarette injection-ROLLING TUBES, and a few cheap “tube injection” pocket machines for a few bucks each. I’ll be able to sell tobacco, papers, and rolling machines when the time is right.

    But that LIMITED SHELF LIFE thing? Yes, I made SPACE for those bags of tobacco in my CHEST freezer to keep them at about Negative 8F until that day arrives to bring some out and start rolling and trading. I hunted the internet to find the site where I actually was able to buy this bulk tobacco at . Yes, they require your SSI number to verify you are not lying about your legal age.

    I have bought supplies from them, about 5 times, some for my own supplies, and other times for a friend’s habit. You’ve got to get up a BIG ENOUGH order to get the free shipping (about $120 minimum).

    I’ve got some extra bottles of “booze” too, but I’d like to get about a dozen pints for trade.

    My brother enjoys to make his own beer, and bottles it, etc. I had saved one of those bottles and forgot about it in the back of my fridge for about 10 LONG years. I was scared, but I opened it, and was amazed to find that it was EXCELLENT and NOT deteriorated at all.
    He did a very good job of Pasteurizing, filtering and sterilizing everything, and it was a “premium CHERRY beer”. So I learned that “not ALL beer goes bad”. But I hate beer, and will not risk trying to store it. The hard stuff and even many wines will store for decades or more.

    One article I read, says that “2-cycle oil” will probably become EXTREMELY hard to get when the crash arrives. That makes some sense, so I picked up a couple GALLON JUGS of it, to trade for people who need it for chain saws, dirt bikes, ATV’s, outboards, etc.

    I will pour some into 4 or 8 ounce containers and trade it. Even if I don’t have a market for it? I can slowly use it myself. IT’s also known to be helpful additive for car and truck gas tanks (fuel treatment). There have been “studies” that show how it helps, and I cannot remember the typical number of ounces to add to your tank, but I think they MAY have suggested about 2-4 ounces per 10 gallons of gas or diesel? It’s VERY helpful in DIESEL engines because the LOW SULFUR FUEL does NOT LUBRICATE the engines like the HIGH sulfur fuel used to do.

    So if you want your diesel engines to have the longest life, then you MUST add “fuel additives/lubrication enhancers” to EVERY tank of fuel.

    When medical care is hard to get, there will be a HUGE need for “pain management”. Growing some “poppies” may become a good hobby when everything has “hit the fan”?

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