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Central Banks Are Buying Mining Shares – VERY BAD!!!!

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

For the past 6 1/2 months I have been warning readers that the banking Crime Syndicate (and all their political and central bank puppets) have been manufacturing a Fake Rally in the precious metals sector. They have been marching prices higher themselves, just so they can “crash” these markets much, much harder — when the Next Crash arrives.

Warning: precious metals being set up for CRASH

I have presented evidence of this Fake Rally in numerous forms over this period of time. However, this new evidence is (in some ways) the most-persuasive yet.

What does the banking Crime Syndicate do when it plans the premeditated take-down of a particular company or sector? It BUYS INTO its targeted Victim. Why? Because you can hammer a market much, much harder through the combination of shorting and long liquidation than you can by shorting alone.

Here again, I’m not engaging in speculation/theorizing, I have empirical proof. What did we see during the Crash of ’08? We saw the Top 0.1% (i.e. the oligarchs) pounding U.S. markets with four solid months of long-liquidation.

Proof That the Top 0.1% Create Crashes

While the Big Banks (their tools) were hammering the same markets with relentless shorting, the oligarchs were accelerating and exacerbating the Crash with vast amounts of long-liquidation.

Why do we see Western central banks buying the shares of MAJOR gold and silver miners? There is no possible LEGITIMATE explanation or purpose for acquiring these shares. It does not advance any of the “official policies” (i.e. lies) of these fraud-factories.

There is only one explanation why Western central banks are buying the shares of gold and silver miners, at the request of their Masters. They are doing so in order that they can DUMP large quantities of these shares onto the market, along with the rapacious shorting/naked shorting of the Big Banks.

Tag-team crime. We see it again and again with this Crime Syndicate. It is the hallmark of Bully behavior. Never engage in “a fair fight”. Always blind-side your Victim with overwhelming force.

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4 comments to Central Banks Are Buying Mining Shares – VERY BAD!!!!

  • Paul

    JP Morgan did the same to the Australian Silver Miner Alcoyne Resources and the share holders got fleeced, mum and dad share holders got totally screwed after the mine
    went into receivership.

  • C.I.

    So anyone with an ounce of cred………..ignore and DO NOT!

    Easy aye.


  • cj

    crash the mines and then the metals will become even more rare… buy now and hold.

  • AgShaman

    Now all you have to do is find the private hedge funds that will be servicing/turning the insiders working with these central banks into billionaires by shorting these shares at the same time the central banks are running the “P-n-D”.

    If this is the game they are playing….somebody will be taking some big/long positions in these miners while/once they are finished wiping out the punters.

    I can totally see the One Bank running this scam and encouraging the central banks to execute the chaos of burning the casino soze their club members can reap 10,20, and 30 baggers after the carnage and bloodletting is finished

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