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Blood Red Moon Over New York Wednesday Evening

A blood red moon behind One World Trade Center in Manhattan

by Mark Molloy, The Telegraph:

Is that Mars or the moon?

Jennifer Khordi took the breathtaking image from 25 miles away in New Jersey, describing it as “one of the most amazing things I have ever seen”.

The semi-professional photographer, who is from New Jersey, shared a series of photographs of the incredible moon rising behind One World Trade Center in Manhattan on Instagram and Facebook.

“It was just absolutely amazing to see this,” she said. “I plotted this shot and lined up with a lookout 25 miles from Manhattan.

“I think the best one is where the moon is directly behind the World Trade Center.

“I have always wanted to get this shot,” she said, adding: “The moon is a fickle beast!”

The sight of a blood moon is considered a bad omen by doomsayers, who have previously claimed it could signal the end of the world

In September last year, sky-watchers around the world got a treat when the shadow of Earth cast a reddish glow on the moon, the result of a rare combination of an eclipse with the closest full moon of the year.

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4 comments to Blood Red Moon Over New York Wednesday Evening

  • Ed_B

    “Is that Mars or the moon?”

    Is that a real question? Mars, as seen from Earth is a little red pinpoint of light. The moon on the other hand is about the same size as a nickel held at arm’s length. The moon in this picture looks like it was photo-shopped into a pic of the NY skyline. It’s WAY too big to be real.

  • fej

    Maybe not
    Seen the same thing in Vancouver 25 years ago .

  • anon

    The ‘blood red moon’ thing – I wouldn’t tie it up with ‘prophecy’ – look, everything is rigged, including organized religion – and, the historical record tells us WHO, EXACTLY, is doing the rigging. Anyone who seriously investigates the historical record, will eventually figure this out: It’s the 1% “Jews”, Western International Central Bankers, their fellow 1% Allies, Front Organizations, and legions of minions.

    Having played Captain Obvious, i.e., having said all that ~ these same controllers of the Western Hemisphere are apparently attempting to direct history in such a way, that they ~ at the very least ~ control the narrative, regarding ‘God’s Judgement’ of America, for example, for having ‘turned away’ from God. In a very real sense, this is correct, but it doesn’t go far enough. You see, the “Jews” are the DESTROYERS, who are ‘at the ready’ to DELIVER “God’s” Judgement. See how that works? They tell you it’s because you’ve ‘turned away from God’ (by allowing yourself to become JUDA-IZED, by buying into or allowing all their creations, like FEMINISM, to take hold of society. What are some of their other creations? Let’s see…ZIONISM is one. The so-called “Federal” “Reserve” is one. The IRS is one. The sinking of the Lusitania & WWI was another. The “Jew”-ish HIJACKING of the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” was another! Weimar Hyperinflation in Germany in the early 1920’s is another. The Great Depression in the U.S.A. during the 1930’s is another. WWII is another. The creation of the OSS/CIA is another. The creation of ZIONIST Rothschild-Israel (illegally in PALESTINE, in 1948, is another). There appears to be a practically ENDLESS LIST of “Jew”-ish creations designed to subvert Christian civilization, yet, it’s these very same subverters who are behind mega-church ZIONIST ‘prophecy’ of the ‘end times’, including everything pertaining to the ‘blood red moon’ phenomena.

    • anon

      I would say, read Dr. John Coleman’s (4th edition) book entitled THE CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300. Then, realize, that in addition to the Rothschilds, and their predominantly “Jew”-ish fellow Western International Central Bankers, there appear to be some powerful “Jew”-ish groups that somehow factor into the equation, whether they be “Israel-First”-ers, or ZIONIST GLOBALISTS, or both.

      Historian Says The Rothschilds Are Chasid Puppets

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