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Black People Cry “Racism” After Trump Tower Climber Wasn’t Shot “Because He’s White”

from Mark Dice:

Countless black people are saying that racism was involved in the incident of the man who scaled Trump Tower with suction cups, claiming he was only allowed to live because he’s white! Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

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5 comments to Black People Cry “Racism” After Trump Tower Climber Wasn’t Shot “Because He’s White”

  • Damn I’m getting sick of these Mark Dice articles that really have no info, no purpose, no message….Ok I get it, Americans are not that well educated….Does that mean I want to see you trick some beachgoer with a stupid question about if you rather have a piece of silver or a candy bar, and EVERY DAY!?….I get it…It’s old, not funny anymore, and you’re wasting your time….Find a new routine…

    Nobody cares about what “some person” said…Either it’s someone of relative importance, or its nothing at all…You could spend the rest of your life tricking people and there would never be a tight supply of idiots….Maybe you saw the same equation and went for it, i dont know

  • What can you expect from Face book. That he is still on there is telling!

  • Ed_B

    That’s the problem with real racists. They see racism EVERYWHERE they look. Whether it is there or not, they will see it anyway. Clearly, some bonehead climbing on the outside of a tall building is not threatening the police, trying to grab a cop’s gun, or wrestling with the police. There was no reason to shoot this guy, regardless of his skin color.

    If it weren’t for the race industry and those making a FAT living from it, racism would have died out years ago. Most of us don’t give a crap about the color of someone else’s hair, eyes, or skin. It’s just too trivial to matter to us. What DOES matter to us is what people say and DO. That’s where the problem is in all this.

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