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Bernie $anders Buys $600K $ummer Home With $ocialist Money

from TheTruthDamit:

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3 comments to Bernie $anders Buys $600K $ummer Home With $ocialist Money

  • KRELL427

    I’m sure there is a trail back to the Clinton foundation.

  • d

    Here is the amazing in your face fact about our political system in the USA today….a declared socialist Senator from Vermont,who like Hillary Clinton has only worked for the US government in CONgress, and is able to purchase a 3 rd home 3300 miles from where he lives for over a half MILLION dollars..on a salary that the taxpayers afford him..a public servant…who riles against capitalism,yet earns more than enough to afford 3 hillary has a few herself..BOTH of them have never worked for a living only earning their money from the taxpayers like YOU….Tell me please how does a servant of the people earn enough to become muti Millionaires….while YOU and I struggle to exist….if you can HONESTLY answer this question..then how could YOU in any way possible vote for either Hillary or Bernie..and continue to reward them with 10’s of MILLION dollars on their $150,000 per year salaries..many MILLIONS come to them from…where not YOU or I….think about this very carefully….YOU can not like the answer….imho

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