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Australia Finds Out Wind Power Doesn’t Really Work

from The Daily Bell:

Trust in public power companies misplaced … Former Labor minister Patrick Conlon urges carbon price to fix electricity system … A SENIOR Labor figure is urging a carbon price on electricity to lower household bills by kickstarting investment in new-generation power plants. – The Advertiser

Australian politicians have been obsessed with taxing carbon ever since the tax was briefly imposed and then repealed in mid-2104 by former prime minister Tony Abbott.

In fact, the Australian Labor Party wants up to half of the nation’s electricity to come from “renewables” by 2030. Former Labor state energy minister Patrick Conlon obviously endorses this position.

Conlon writes in Oz’s The Advertiser newspaper that, “Australian electricity consumers are at the mercy of big, old, dirty and cheap coal-fired power plants and failure to impose a carbon price is thwarting new investment.”

Conlon obviously has faith in government bureaucrats. Apparently, taxation is not even applied for purposes of raising revenue, but only to create better economic outcomes. Politicians in charge of taxation carefully determine where a given tax is needed and then apply them as a kind of medical tool with a surgeon’s skill.


“Reliance on old, under-maintained coal burners flirts with disaster. If a couple of big units break down during a hot, high-demand summer, price hikes will obliterate any benefit of cheap coal,” writes Mr Conlon, energy minister from 2002 to 2011.

… Mr Conlon urges setting a carbon price on electricity to encourage “new-generation” investment, allow high-efficiency plants like Pelican Point to operate and drive down long-term generation costs.

According to the article, Conlon is sure the state’s “reliance on wind power, in particular, is not to blame for high electricity prices.”

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