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August 2016: Collective Global QE Now Up to At Least 250 Billion per Month! INSANE!

from WallStForMainSt:

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St did a short video today about how in the span of only a few weeks the total amount of collective, global QE by central banks is now up to $250 billion per month in asset purchase programs! Totally Insane!

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2 comments to August 2016: Collective Global QE Now Up to At Least 250 Billion per Month! INSANE!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    What? Only $250B worldwide? I think if we dig deeper, (such as all the “support” from the PPT going into Oil, banks, etc) as well as all the “pumpings” by The FED, is probably more than $250B per month JUST inside the USA.

    Adding all the E.U. stimulus, secret bank supports going into Germany, France, UK, etc, is likely to be another $250-400B per month, and then add in all the Japanese money trickery, China, Mexico, Australia, India, Russia, etc, and I would NOT be surprised if the TOTAL Global money printing/supports, etc, has GOT to be more than $4T per month.

    (Remember when the USA COngress was forced to give in to the “TARP” bailout was “claimed” to be ONLY $700B? But in secret, in a single month, more than $13T was given away by USSA into Amerikaan, European & Asian systems?

    So WHY would today’s krap be anything LESS than $4T / month? But of course, there are things we will never know about until LONG after it is ancient history.

  • videoctr

    Great video! Thanks for pointing out how the Swiss National Bank is positioning itself for doom by buying the miners. My fav is First Majestic, 15th on Swiss buy list. The Swiss National Bank owns 4,673,243 shares of First Majestic. By the way, earnings report is coming out next week too.

    Key point also made in the video, the phony jobs report shows the desperation by the Obama machine, making things look good for the Killary Rotten Clinton machine. They believe America is already great, hence, welcome to dystopia land. Like the Swiss, the rest of us might as well as take advantage of how the planets are lining up for the precious metals.

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