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Attack of the Globalists: Hillary Raises Over $1 Million At Martha’s Vineyard Home of Economist Magazine Owner

[Ed. Note: As we have repeatedly noted in interviews, Hillary Clinton is LITERALLY the Rothschild’s choice for puppet in the White House. ~SGT]

by Aaron Klein, Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton raised more than one million dollars over the weekend at a Martha’s Vineyard house party given by top supporter Lynn Forester de Rothschild (pictured).

Unmentioned in major media coverage of the fundraising event is that de Rothschild is a member of the Economist Group and also owns a major stake in the group, which has controlling ownership of the Economist magazine. The Economist has played a leading role in attacking the foreign policy credentials of Donald Trump.

De Rothschild is a top Clinton supporter, donor, and fundraiser, and has done work with the Clinton Foundation and donated to it.

The Los Angeles Times reported on de Rothschild’s weekend fundraiser:

Hillary Clinton dropped by the resort island of Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to pick up more than $1 million in campaign contributions during an elegant party at the summer home of one of her most devoted supporters.

Thirty people contributed $50,000 apiece to attend the Saturday night function at the home of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a wealthy investment manager so committed to Clinton that she couldn’t bring herself to vote for then-Sen. Barack Obama after he defeated her candidate in 2008.

Only last month, an article published by the Economist warned that an America governed by “wall-builders” will be “poorer and more dangerous,” while urging Republicans to support Clinton instead of Trump, who, the magazine claims, has “sucked confidence out of global institutions.”

The Economist and its subsidiaries have repeatedly warned against a Trump presidency.

In her speeches, Clinton has often repeated a claim from a British research organization that ranked Trump as the third greatest threat to the global economy. Clinton did not tell her audiences that the firm in question – the Economist Intelligence Unit – is a division of the Economist Group, led by the pro-Hillary activist de Rothschild.

The Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s assessment made headlines in June. It reportedlymarked the first time the firm rated a U.S. presidential candidate’s election as a global risk.

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4 comments to Attack of the Globalists: Hillary Raises Over $1 Million At Martha’s Vineyard Home of Economist Magazine Owner

  • anon

    PRAY TO THE SUPREME CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, TO WITHHOLD JUDGEMENT ON AMERICA AND AMERICANS FOR ALLOWING OUR ONCE CONSTITUTIONAL, INTEREST-FREE CURRENCY TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO CALL THEMSELVES “JEWS”, AND ARE NOT, BUT ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN! God WILL pass judgement on America, and Americans, if we do not take the control of our country out of the hands of the ‘District’ of Criminals, who stood down, on 9/11, while Mossad carried out the destruction on 9/11, at the behest of the ‘City’ of London, and Vatican ‘City’ !!!!!

    Are Your Opinions Crafted by Foreign Powers? | Jerry Robinson

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    • anon

      Dick Cheney answers to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and so does the BUSH-CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE. That is why they are “above the law”. If you take $$ from George Soros, like Al Gore, and do the bidding of George Soros, like Al Gore, or the Rothschilds, or GOLDMAN SACHS, like Killary Hinton ~ then, you are “above the law”. See how it works?

      • anon

        The ONLY question that seems to matter any longer in Western Civilization is: “Is this good for the ‘Jews'”? And look around at the deplorable state of everything as a result!

        “The fact is that the Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They have developed no science, have produced no art, have built no great cities, and alone have no talent for the finer things of civilized life. The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but thorough their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers.” (Charles A. Weisman, Who is Esau-Edom?, p. 28).

        Of course, they don’t have to exist in large numbers, when members of ‘the tribe’ control the global financial system, and all the major secret societies!

        “Whoever is in power in Downing Street [or in the White House!], whether Conservative, Radical, Coalitionist, or Pseudo-Bolshevik, the international Jews rule the roost. Here is the mystery of the ‘Hidden Hand’ of which there has been no intelligent explanation [until now].” (Leo Maxse, writing in the August issue of the “National Review” 1919)

        Source: 1001 Quotes By and About Jews (mainly on the topic of Jewish Supremacism)

  • anon

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

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