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As The World Burns: Are You Really Prepared for What’s Coming?

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News
This week on Survival Saturday, we’ll track an alarming series of stories that should make you question if you are actually prepared for what is coming. Don’t disregard the stories because many of them come from across the globe -it’s important to keep our eyes on the world so that we can work smarter to keep ourselves prepared and safe.

They’re Gearing Up for Something in Europe
I have the feeling all hell is about to break loose in Europe. Here are some headlines from stories on my websites over the past few days:

A Disturbing Series of Events: Governments Around the World Seem to Be Preparing for War

Why Is the German Government Telling People to Stockpile Food, Water, and Cash?

Now the Czech Government Is Warning Citizens To Stockpile Food

Another Warning Sign? Some EU Members Are Calling for the Formation of a European Army

Now, it’s entirely possible, as many people over in the Facebook discussion have suggested, that this is in response to the migrant crisis. Over the past year, more than 1 million refugees from conflict-torn areas arrived in Europe, bringing with them cultural differences and behaviors that are tearing the continent apart. Many of the asylum seekers have flatly refused to assimilate into European culture, and this has led those of a more suspicious nature (*cough*) to believe that this flood of immigration is really just a modern-day Trojan horse. It is undeniable that radical Islamic terror attacks and crimes against women have increased since the massive arrival.

What do you think is the reason for the unease in Europe? Share your opinion in the comments below.

North Korea is Being Cantankerous
At the same time, things are heating up in North Korea. The UN has condemned the country’s “test-firing” of a ballistic submarine missile toward Japan earlier in the month, the fourth “test” in the past two months. As well, the North Korean Army has threatened US troops with the “nuclear hammer of justice” (I swear I didn’t make that up).

North Korea has threatened to fire at lighting equipment being used by the US and South Korean militaries at a village inside the Demilitarized Zone.

An official statement by the North’s Korean People’s Army accuses US and South Korean troops of initiating “deliberate provocations” by targeting North Korean posts with the lights. (Read more)

Life in North Korea is tenuous at best. (This documentary about it is free on Prime – we found it very interesting.) With that delusional little dictator calling the shots, literally anything could happen there.

Then There’s Russia, Syria, and the US (and Maybe Even China)
As if there aren’t enough tensions, President Obama seems to be poking the bear with regard to Russia and Syria.

Just a couple of days ago Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis claimed that US jets attempted to intercept Syrian planes to protect the American advisers operating illegally with Kurdish forces in Syria after Syrian government jets bombed areas of Hasakah when Kurdish police began an aggression against the National Defense Force.

When asked about Russia (they are in Syria by invitation of the legally and internationally recognized government) another advisor, Peter Cook stated:

“If they threaten US forces, we always have the right to defend our forces,”

Could it be that unannounced military exercises ordered by Vladimir Putin are a response to that statement?

According to the country’s defense ministry, the exercises were to check the readiness of Russian troops.

Army units in the south and west, the airforce and the northern fleet of the Russian navy are on high alert. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that the exercises were instigated on the direct orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Vladimir Putin.

“Troops in the Southern Military District, some units of the Western and Central Military Districts, as well as the Northern Fleet, the Air Force and the Airborne Troops, are to be put on full alert.”

The exercises will finish on August 31, and are aimed at making sure the Russian armed forces can “defend Russia’s interests amid emerging security threats” Shoigu said

Those threats could be assumed to be an increased number of NATO forces in Eastern Europe including Russia’s western border and in the southwest where there is ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. It seems strange that these exercises come just hours after the Pentagon confirmed they would shoot down Russian jets that fly over positions occupied by American advisors and US forces on the ground in Syria.

Although not widely publicized, two weeks ago China joined Russia in supporting the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad – that’s quite some alliance.

So far the United States has made no comment on the uptick in Russian military activity.

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2 comments to As The World Burns: Are You Really Prepared for What’s Coming?

  • Ed_B

    “Are You Really Prepared for What’s Coming?”

    Is anyone? Fact is, prepping is very complex and we won’t know all the cracks in our plan UNTIL we have to live with them for a while. We all know what the major issues are but it will be the details that will be difficult to keep track of and address as we can. No matter how well prepared we *think* we are, there is always more to do. Prepping: it’s not an activity, it’s way of life.

    • CalSailX

      Well said Ed. Your words remind me of time I was out prospecting one winter, I found myself well and truly out in the sticks when the one of the tops of my cross-country ski boot separated from the sole.

      I spent four days stewing that I didn’t have any “Shoe Goo” in my kit, before I got a thaw followed by a hard freeze and I was able to walk the hell out on the crust in my work boots.

      It wasn’t life threatening. I had a couple weeks of food with me, and I could walk or crawl a couple hundred yards to hit a cell-phone tower if I had to. However anymore I’ve got some fresh “Shoe Goo” in my kit just in case, handy as hell for all kinds of temp repairs.

      We can’t be ready for everything, in my case I didn’t have to start making a pair of snow shoes to get out. If the weather hadn’t have changed I had everything in my coat do just that, when go badly it’s always a comfort to have a plan B, and plan C… etc.

      Mind set is everything when things start to go to hell! When you “plan” goes into the toilet, odds are you still haven’t hit the end of your string yet. I lived with nerve damage in one of my feet for a couple of years, because I didn’t have enough sense to hunker down and ride out a blizzard where I was at.

      It’s a hard thing, but sometimes your better off sitting on your ass for 10mins to take a cold hard look at things rather then just reacting.

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