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Are Homeless People Being Murdered for Their Organs?

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

It is a story that seems too horrific to be true, but a popular Alabama talk show host who is investigating it says there may be something to it: Homeless people are being victimized by a government agency that is removing them from city streets all over the country and depriving them of their organs.

Josh Coy, a host on WYDE, the largest station in Alabama covering a four-state region, said that the story begins with laws that are spreading around the country forbidding anyone from feeding homeless people.

Elected officials began implementing such local ordinances as a way to discourage the homeless from settling in their cities, which they feel would hurt business growth and upset residents. But it seems there is something more sinister going on.

Coy says that as he began looking into the story, he discovered that homeless people were “literally disappearing” overnight in some cities, as in, they were there one day, gone the next – and no one knew why or where the missing person had gone. But he said few others were asking questions about the strange disappearances because of what he says is a cultural bias against homeless people.

Is a government agency behind all of this?

Coy noted that most Americans seem to have a misconception about the homeless – that they are sans homes because they are drunks or substance abusers, which is one of the main reasons few questions were being asked when a homeless person vanished. But that’s not true, he said; the majority of homeless are veterans and others who simply got down on their luck due to job losses and the bad economy. That’s also why, he said, the numbers of homeless have been increasing.

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