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APMEX MintDirect Encapsulated Coins – Good Deal or Not?

from Petros7373:

When should you, and when shouldn’t you, purchase APMEX’s MintDirect Coins?

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3 comments to APMEX MintDirect Encapsulated Coins – Good Deal or Not?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Ain’t NO scrap PM buyer gonna pay anything until the plastic has been removed and the metal is on the scale.

    It looks pretty, it makes some people happy, but the Chinese buyers ain’t gonna accept no plastics.

    And it makes the storage a lot bulkier. it’s a gimmick for attention. it’s not for me or my future buyers.

    • Eric

      Craig, the “new” Gold Buffalos from the Doc come in plastic sealed with the US Mint written on it. Not the capsule. Perfect way to get the best price and still be sealed in the packaging. Easy to open and throw away but impossible to seal back up.

      I still like capsules for some things just so I can look at them and keep a few in my pocket. Like this 1 oz Gold Buffalo, 1 oz. Gold Eagle, and 2 1 oz Silver Eagles I keep handy to remind me of the value of PRECIOUS metals. But you’re right. It is a waste of capital. Only worth it for semi-numismatics. Not Eagles generally. But I will just add, the air and the oil from your fingers will cause the Silver coin to tarnish. Capsules are good if you don’t want them to tarnish easily. Capsules are good for Gold if you are going to look at them. But they don’t tarnish. And they’re not for stacking Gold.

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