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Anti-Vegan Bill Will Jail Parents Up to 4 Years for Refusing to Feed Children Meat

by Christina Sarich, Underground Reporter:

Though millions of parents around the world don’t believe in feeding their children animal products from factory farms, which are fed genetically modified corn and soy, and are often full of antibiotics and artificial hormones, an Italian member of Parliament has penned a law that would jail parents for feeding their children a vegan diet.

Some would say that eating meat is almost barbaric given the degradation of our rainforests, the abhorrent ways animals are often treated when raised in factory-style agricultural farms, and even the recent insights by mainstream scientists that animals might be smarter than we think.

Despite these facts, Elvira Savino of the conservative Forza party believes that parents who feed their children a plant-based diet should be imprisoned.

Savino’s draft bill argues that a vegan diet is “devoid of essential elements for [children’s] healthy and balanced growth.”

While it does take mindful parents to make sure that a child eating a vegan diet consumes all the proper nutrients, Savino’s law — which would jail a parent for up to four years if a child develops a medical problem that could be linked to eating a vegan diet — certainly ignores the plethora of health issues children face around the year they regularly eat meat, highly processed foods, and genetically modified organisms.

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2 comments to Anti-Vegan Bill Will Jail Parents Up to 4 Years for Refusing to Feed Children Meat

  • erik von sand

    Hm, its like sending someone to jail because he drank tap water.. tap water is super clean, of course.. maybe in output of the water making plants, not at the flats itself..

    anyway… who will go to jail, if health is damaged due to vaccines? perhaps, its too hot summer in Italy, if they have problems like this…

    insane,insane World we live in..

  • Jon

    Probably will do more harm to a child by removing all animal products than if they end up eating some inferior factory farm meats, cheese and eggs. Growing kids need nutrient dense foods, and meat, eggs and cheese provide the most complete and usable forms of many of these nutrients. Parents should seek out high quality animal products for their kids. Parents abusing their kids with malnutrition should face punishment. Doctors who deliver vaccines that damage a child should face punishment.

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