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An Olympic Sized Scam: The Munich Shooting

by Scott L. Alexander,

Once again the world has been shocked by another senseless killing of innocent people by a gun-wielding maniac. However, as the events unfolded we once again begin to see and hear various incongruous aspects that reveal yet another contrived and staged event. I often read comments to articles such as this one by readers who show their frustration by asking such questions as, “So, do you think that every mass shooting or killing a false flag?” Many readers accuse myself and others of being “conspiracy theorists”, or even “disinformation agents”. To a certain extent I can understand their frustration. After all, our governments are suppose to help keep us safe and news media organizations are suppose to exist to give us honest and unbiased information. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our governments lie and deceive us, and the mainstream media is their agent in this deception with one prevarication after another. Of course not every event that entails mass casualties is a false flag or staged event, but sadly, most are.

An Observation

Before I offer my thoughts on the latest shooting event in Munich, Germany that took place on Friday July 22, 2016, I would like to offer an interesting observation I have been witnessing of late. I will then tie these observations into what we witnessed in Munich and other recent events.

Over the past few years I have noticed a trend in major motions pictures put out by the various Hollywood studios. It used to be that whenever there was a movie scene in which a television news reporter was covering a particular incident that news entity was always fictitious. For example, if Godzilla was terrorizing Tokyo or New York City the news crew covering the event would have a name like GGN or World News Bulletin. In other words, they were not real news organizations.

In addition, the reporters for these fictitious news organizations were always nothing more than actors hired to play a convincing role in the film. Lately, however, that has changed. We are now beginning to see real news organizations, such as CNN and Fox News being used in these movies. Also, instead of actors we see actual media personalities such as Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Larry King in addition to others.

Why is this being done? Is it to enhance a sense of realism in order to draw in the audience? I believe that is only one aspect. The familiar face and voice of a real-life journalist does make for a more realistic scene. Hollywood executives are fully aware that their audiences will find a certain comfort in seeing a familiar face. But the motion picture industry consists of more than just actors, directors, producers and special effects artists. Hollywood also employs focus groups, PR firms and even psychologists and sociologists. Most of us do not stop and consider these aspects because, quite understandably, we just want to be entertained.

The USG in Hollywood

The United States Government, along with the various intelligent agencies, are also represented in Hollywood and have been used for decades. Even the various branches of the military are represented and are even used as a kind of subtle and subliminal recruiting tool. Stop and consider movies such as Independence Day, Transformers, The Avengers, Battle Los Angeles, etc. What do these movies have in common? They all have US military involvement. Whenever we see aircraft carriers, F-16’s, Apache helicopters, tanks and the like who is operating this equipment? Hollywood actors and stuntmen are not operating these pieces of hardware. They are using actual fighter pilots and other military personnel. The Military Industrial Complex knows full well that they can expect to gain new recruits by showing the patriotic exploits of our nation’s military in Hollywood films.

All of these tactics are well planned and thought out forms of psychological imprinting. What’s more, the United States, more often than not, is portrayed as the “good guy” in these motion pictures thus instilling a sense of American patriotic pride with enthusiastic shouts of, “USA! USA!” What could be more wholesome than extorting the virtues of truth, justice and the American way? However, the reality is quite another story.

A few days ago I watched the recently released Batman vs. Superman movie. This film contains eight real-life media personalities who reported from Batman’s Gotham City and Superman’s Metropolis, including, Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Charlie Rose, Soledad O’Brien, Dana Bash, retired blogger Andrew Sullivan, Vikram Gandhi and TV host Neil deGrasse.

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1 comment to An Olympic Sized Scam: The Munich Shooting

  • Guido

    I saw this event for what it was very quickly – an hour or two after viewing the initial media coverage. Subsequent media coverage from a variety of mainstream sources discredited it even further and etched it in stone for me by that evening. It was a horribly-staged fiasco, one of the more amateurish false-flags I’ve seen in recent times. And yet Infowars and others who know better continue to report these events as factual, propagating the myth and acting as propaganda agents for an obscene agenda that they once took pride in exposing. Sad that it’s come this. Everything is becoming more fake by the day, including those who we once looked to for credible reporting.

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