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After the Collapse: How to Survive Longer in SHTF

from Canadian Prepper:

Adaptability is but one aspect of strength. Push yourself beyong yourself while you still can!

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2 comments to After the Collapse: How to Survive Longer in SHTF

  • mike

    This guy is a downer when it comes to the prepping. I got myself a post collapse Golf Cart so I don’t have to run around. It rocks, $300 bucks and $600 for new batteries and bam, I’ll never walk it I can help it. Seriously we were given legs to get around only until we could think of something better.
    You buy preps and more importantly SILVER so you dont have to go out in the hot weather,,This guy needs get a prepping clue…Anyone using their legs after the collapse will just have them shot out from under them. Everyone with Silver will be the New Kings and all the post apocalyptic people running around will see you have Silver and call you KING, and do whatever you command!! Just watch the Road Warrior, that is every thing you need to know about the future. Instead of a VW sand rail car get a golf cart with solar panels for the SHTF

    That said I did not like this ignorant no clue video…Thumbs down. Hate CIA plants distracting from the truth and having people exercising instead of buying Silver.

    Eric lets help this dude get a clue… Supply this moron to some good prepping links and Silver Britannia Link please.

  • KRELL427

    Go to Venezuela and get some practice,here is another tip don’t where your medal out to a party

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