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Ademo Freeman of Cop Block: Watching the Watchers

from TheAnarchast:

Jeff interviews Ademo Freeman co-founder of Cop Block along with Pete Ayre, topics include: the origins of Cop Block, the rapid growth of Cop Block, speaking truth to power, call flood activism, no victim no crime, live streaming your arrest, the Cell411 App, arrested at the RNC, people actually starting to wake up and Cop Block finding a lot more support, creating alternative voluntary security models, the current system is communist, police get paid to do immoral acts, encouraging police to quit the force and start up a private service, police tend to escalate violence, self defense training and private security.

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1 comment to Ademo Freeman of Cop Block: Watching the Watchers

  • Randy

    Cop Block is a great idea, movement and web site, but does anybody besides me realize that there is a MUCH more powerful idea whose time has now come?? Just look at what the cops are and do; they are the FEEDER MECHANISM for the totally corrupted legal system! Think about it! What do the cops try to do above all else, unless it’s murder people for no justifiable cause? It is generate REVENUE for the legal system and various governmental agencies. That is what they are there for, not to serve and protect the people of the society, they are all about force and intimidation and killing people when they think that they have a pretty good chance of getting away with it! They are ALL road pirates, and nothing more than that!
    What Cop Block needs to do now, is spread all across its domain, the fact that ALL police activity and the legal system is set up to rip people off by stealing their property and time from them, and even KILL them when the chance presents itself.
    Prohibition was ultimately defeated not by reason of logic, calls to the good nature of the government or anything else like that. It was because the jury members saw that it wasn’t working to achieve the claimed goal. What it actually did was to make criminals out of people who merely wanted to self medicate with the drug of their choice! So when time and money was spent on court cases that would be lost too many times due to juries not convicting people, they had to get rid of the law! The feds couldn’t go around with so much egg on its face from a law that couldn’t be enforced, so Prohibition had to be repealed.
    When we do the same thing again, make these trials a complete waste of time and money, make the legal system LOSE more money than it takes in, then we will see the change that we are yearning for. Make no mistake about it now, the legal system is a revenue generating scam that is being run on us. Just pull the teeth out of the mouth of the legal system at every opportunity, and soon it will starve to death!!
    The road pirates can go and pound sand up their ass for all I care! WHY does anybody owe them a damn thing after all of the evil acts that they have done and ruined so many lives??

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