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A Green Beret’s Guide to Improvised Home Defense Strategies

by Jeremiah Johnson , Ready Nutrition:

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, this article is going to explain some methods to help you better defend your property. These are some simple and inexpensive methods that are not subject to power loss from an EMP or station failure. They are simple to employ as well as remember, and they can be tailored to meet the needs of your property.

Obviously if you live in a high-rise apartment building or a multi-family structure, your methods are going to differ, and that will be addressed in Part 2.

Sector Stakes

Now, firstly, what are a sector stakes? The sector stakes are prepositioned markers for use as boundaries for the field of fire of your weapon. They physically allow the firer to concentrate on his or her sector of fire without haphazard lateral movement. By utilizing one on your left and right, they establish left and right limits for you to employ your rifle or firearm. These stakes are best used between multiple team-members. The sector stakes are driven into the ground or firmly emplaced vertically, so as to allow the defender’s weapon to traverse (move laterally) back and forth and be bounded within the confines of his or her sector. See Diagram A, “Sector Stakes” to get a picture of how it appears.

The sectors are positional assignments for occupants to repel attackers. The importance cannot be overstressed. They give a firer an “area of responsibility” to cover, and anything in that sector should be known, marked on a diagram (called a sector sketch) and committed to memory. See Diagram C, “Sample Sector Sketch” for an idea of what you’ll need to make. There are items in that diagram that must be addressed, such as a large boulder or a shallow depression that can allow a bad guy (or bad gal) to not be hit by your fire…this is known as dead space. Also of note are points of cover and/or concealment. Cover is something that will partially or completely block you from enemy fire (shielding you). Concealment is something that can hide you from the sight of an enemy.

Your sectors need to range to the end of your property, or out to about 500 feet, whichever is closer. The sectors need to interlock, so as to create interlocking fields of fire, a condition that is met where the left and right limits of two adjacent firers intersect one another, and permit overlapping fire on an enemy. See Diagram B, “Disposition of Sectors of Fire” to illustrate this concept. Each sector stake must be measured with a compass to provide an azimuth for the entire straight-line length of the right or left limit.

The reason for this is to also be able to establish those limits when it is nighttime or a period of low visibility, and also when the stakes have been removed (for emplacement later).

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