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96% Of Clinton “Charity” Donations Went To… The Clinton Foundation

from Zero Hedge:

When we showed the newly released Clinton 2015 tax return, we posted a rhetorical question: “how much of the Clinton charity donations went to the Clinton Foundation? Taking a deduction for contributing to the employer of your daughter and expense payer of your husband is awesome.”

We now know the answer: as page 29 of the tax return reveals, of the $1,042,000 in charitable cash contributions, exactly $1 million went to, you guessed it, the Clinton Family Foundation, whose expenses pay among others those Clinton family members and friends employed by the foundation, like Chelsea Clinton who happens to be the foundation’s Vice Chair. Is this the ultimate Clinton reacharound?

Here is a list of some of the other key employees at the foundation:

And the Board of Directors:

The other $42,000 went to the Desert Classic Charities, which hosts an annual gold event.

As reported earlier, the Clinton Foundation is allegedly under investigation for corruption by the US Attorney General.

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5 comments to 96% Of Clinton “Charity” Donations Went To… The Clinton Foundation

  • anon

    Who stands BEHIND Hillary Clinton? FIND OUT, here (and get a history lesson, too):

    Black Guelph Evil Nobility by LaRouche

  • C.I.

    “Win By Corruption”………Seems like that is something well used today.

    12:00 – 13:10

    Then again “Nothing New Under The Sun” except the latest flock of sheep.

    Still watching…..


    • C.I.

      Very Good!

      There was the “Spider within Her Web” obviously meaningful of course.

      I think that:

      A spider waiting/sitting within the web is at risk if the far flung and remote framework becomes ……..detached?

      Now who or what is going to do that (detach) after so many years of remote control?


  • Daniel

    Any fool who gives one red cent to these vermin deserve to stand there like a deer in the headlights wondering why their money went to pay for Chelsea (little miss college grad second to none”. Evidently she can’t get a real job in the real world.

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