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6 Reasons to Add the Star Trek Tuvalu Semi-Numismatic 1 Ounce Round to Your Stack Today Before They Sell Out

from Petros7373:

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9 comments to 6 Reasons to Add the Star Trek Tuvalu Semi-Numismatic 1 Ounce Round to Your Stack Today Before They Sell Out

  • Millicent

    You have to have your brain in a “plastic capsule” to buy into this hype…

  • VictoriaK

    Please elaborate on what you mean by “hype” here. I’d like to know which point(s) don’t make sense here.

    • KRELL427

      Millicent is our resident troll, she hates silver and gold and continually leaves snarky remarks, belittling anyone who shows an interest in protecting ones hard earned wealth from inflation by buying some physical insurance like gold and silver. I think Howard did a fine job summing up her character, I have nothing further to add.

  • Eric

    JM Bullion has stock of these too.

    Pretty nice coin and I would say definitely worth buying a few even with the hefty premium. But maybe not an entire monster box. Will certainly be worth far more in 2 years regardless of silver price.

    Will try to add.

    • Eric

      Just ordered about 100 of these. Paid up even on the cc because I don’t have the funds available at the moment. Average cost to me is $26.44. A $7.95 premium. Pretty hefty.
      But I’m willing to bet these will be selling for over $50 on ebay in about a year.

      People who look ONLY at the rigged digital spot price will never find value that way. You have to look for the deals. It’s call “shopping.” Not necessarily “spending.”

      • PTS

        Good on ya with those.

        Big premium, but for the reasons stated, I think these have the potential to not only hold that premium, but also substantially increase it over time. Just imagine holding your 100 of these extremely limited coins 10 years from now…

        But probably won’t take nearly that long to be rewarded 🙂

  • Millicent

    Howard loves to hurl inane, crude, foul, insults… I think that he fancies himself as some sort of tough guy.

    Gondorf to Hooker: “You know you’re getting to them kid when they threaten to kill you…”

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