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Gold & Silver Miners Set To EXPLODE 1,000%…?


Dex, the founder of the Pulsescan72 channel on You Tube, home of the Vulcan Report joins me to discuss the nearly unprecedented move of gold and silver mining stocks in 2016. Dex says the GDX, GDXJ and SILJ charts look “extraordinary” and are so powerful that he thinks the mining stock indexes are probably going 1000% higher – and Dex thinks that might be “low balling” it. “The charts are telling us that there is something wrong, something is broken and the price is factoring this in… this thing is going to take off like a rocket.”

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111 comments to Gold & Silver Miners Set To EXPLODE 1,000%…?

  • glitter 1

    Yes, the charts do tell the story that something is not the same,broken and perhaps portends of what is to come.
    My comment from 08/11:

    glitter 1

    August 11, 2016 at 5:25 pm · Reply

    Yes, the tide reversed in Jan 2016.They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Here are the 1 year charts for two leveraged (3X) ETFs,The first is an 3X Inverse(Futures Short)(DUST) of the benchmark GDX Fund.

    This next chart is the 1 year chart of the 3X Long (Futures Long) (NUGT) of the same benchmark GDX Fund.

    Make sure you look at the upper right to see the YTD values for both.

    The take away/message here is that the Resumption of the Gold and Silver Bull is well under way.

    Nobody,absolutely no one is shorting the Metal Shares and haven’t since December 2015.These two vehicles are mainly used by The Big Boys/Big Smart Money who know what’s going on and/or are privy to inside information. There is absolutely no indication that these two trends are even close to reversing.

  • Millicent

    Buy Gold, Buy Silver! The Market is gonna collapse!

  • glitter 1

    If in fact Gold and Silver are going to be re monetized in the next Paradigm from $5K to $10K, $250 to $400 then the Shares will telegraph it. They always do and the insiders/Big Boys know it first ahead of the crowd, especially those Elite that already are principal owners in the mines(thanks to Charles Savoie’s work)who most likely are getting 0% money and buying their own shares, knowing what’s coming?

    Yes, Gold and Silver are money, real honest money, The Elite know it and are planning to re introduce them as such in some fashion in the next planned Paradigm. The anecdotal and empirical evidence is/has been pointing in that direction.
    “It will be the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world” when it happens and the little guy/sheeple will be left holding the empty paper bag,dazed,confused and dumbfounded.

    “In the end the only thing left steading will be Gold,Silver and related items(read:Gold and Silver Shares)” – The Late/Wise Bob Chapman

    • Ed_B


      “Yes, Gold and Silver are money, real honest money, The Elite know it and are planning to re introduce them as such in some fashion in the next planned Paradigm. The anecdotal and empirical evidence is/has been pointing in that direction.”

      I sure hope that you are right about this. I have good stack that I use as my financial “Oh, s**t!” insurance fund and as a long-term inflation hedge. But a strong upwards move in metals prices would come in handy for some real estate buying that we want to do.

      Problem is, the fiat money system is the greatest wealth milking machine ever devised by man. Those who run it are very much aware of this, as they line their pockets with trillions of dollars worth of OUR wealth. They will not give this up easily, if at all. No, it will have to be pried from their cold dead rat-claw fingers. It’s just too sweet a gig for them to give it up without putting everything they have into one helluva fight to maintain and continue it. Without it, THEY have to become honest and actually work for a living. Now, just how likely is that? Not very, IMO.

      I fully expect the current system to implode one of these days. This is one of my main reasons for stacking. That said, I also fully expect TPTB to bring forth at least 2-3 new fiat systems, one after the other, that they will make appear to be backed by gold, silver, or both. But they won’t be any more backed by PMs than are GLD and SLV… which is to say, yes, the really rich can get metal from them but the rest of us cannot. These attempts will fail because fiat money is not honest money and only honest money lasts over time.

      For those not familiar with the concept of honest money, I try to put it to them in this way: Honest money is like being hungry and sitting down to a big plate of fried steak, baked potato, cheese toast, a salad, and a beverage. Fiat money is like being hungry and sitting down to a picture of these things but not the things themselves. Yes, the fiat looks just like the real thing but it isn’t. It doesn’t smell or taste the same. Which would you rather eat? Yes, the answer is obvious… unless one is a goat. 😉

      • glitter 1

        Fiat paper Ponzi scheme is a/the main method of control, A means to an end.

        • Ed_B

          Yes, it is. But it is also fabulously enriching for those who run it. They won’t give it up merely because v1.0 breaks. v2.0 et al will follow. It’s not like gold and silver are thier only possible alternatives. While that may be true of the long run in this, it most definitely is not true in the short run.

  • rich

    The Bank of Japan’s Unstoppable Rise to Shareholder No. 1August 14, 2016 — 11:00 AM EDT

    BOJ set to become top owner of 55 firms in the Nikkei 225
    Japan’s central bank boosted its ETF buying program last month

    The Bank of Japan’s controversial march to the top of shareholder rankings in the world’s third-largest equity market is picking up pace.

    Already a top-five owner of 81 companies in Japan’s Nikkei 225 Stock Average, the BOJ is on course to become the No. 1 shareholder in 55 of those firms by the end of next year, according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg from the central bank’s exchange-traded fund holdings. BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda almost doubled his annual ETF buying target last month, adding to an unprecedented campaign to revitalize Japan’s stagnant economy.

    Central banks Buy 21% of JAB Holdings Bond Issue (Keurig, Peet’s, Einstein Bros, etc)

    The European Central Bank (ECB) is showing its love of coffee by purchasing 21% of JAB Holdings Bond issue. Sitting through all those meetings requires something stronger than Perrier water.

    What does JAB Holdings hold? Keurig-Green Mountain Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Einstein Bros Bagels and Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Stumptown Coffee, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee, Douwe Egbert’s Coffee, Gelvalia Coffee, etc. In others words, a LOT of coffee.

    Central banks purchasing corporate bonds is unusual and signals how bad things are in Europe. When the Central Banks try to keep coffee producers afloat.

    When the public wakes up and realizes their standard of living going down was a direct function of monetary intervention and malfeasance, the RESET will be magnificent.

  • KRELL427

    I like Dex, however it would really suck to be out of the market waiting for an entry point and we wake up one Monday morning to news of a gold reset kowing that you were right about a market .If you really believe in gold and silver and want to be in the shares,I would also buy and hold a core position, make sure to direct register them. Will that help in a paper melt down? The more I listen I really like Jim Sinclair’s approach of vaulting his mines gold output in Switzerland to sell into the market when the time is right.Even if the country in which his mine is located in were to nationalize or expropriate the property there would be value in the bank.Just my thoughts,I just feel there is nothing in history to compare to what we could be entering.

  • F16hoser

    While PM’s are manipulated, I see nothing happening. When Silver goes over $50/Oz, lets talk…

  • glitter 1

    “No, what we have coming is a collapse of everything we have worked for and everything we have built and saved over our own lifetimes and that of our ancestors. All of our financial markets are connected and none will be spared. Another aspect is ALL foreign markets and their economies are tied together with everyone else’s …you could say “we are the world”! Nothing will be left unaffected. The only thing you need to know and understand is this, gold has always been money and always ultimately seen to be the most liquid safe haven on God’s green Earth. Man has never before in history been involved in a more dangerous and all engulfing mania based on a Ponzi scheme. It matters not when nor how it ends because it will end …badly What matters is how you are positioned when it does!- Bill Holter 03/24/2015

  • All I know is that guy yeklling in the video about the gold and silver losers has been right about the market for the last 7 years. I have retired a rich man on QQQ and GOOG

    • Mike awke

      Stop lying up there.

    • Eric

      Some people have a longer than 7 year timeline.

    • KRELL427

      Hindsight is always 20\20, and if the guy was stupid enough to put all his eggs in one basket and blame other people for his descicion then he is an idiot,because this game has not played out yet. Most wealthy people I know have lost a lot of money in their lives,you learn from your mistakes and carry on.Not one person I know has made a whiner video,take them to court if they have wronged you.

      • Ed_B


        You have that correct. I’ve made serious money in the US stock market. Enough to retire comfortably at age 55 12 years ago. I made my share of mistakes along the way too and paid the price for them. Still, there was a lot of money to be made and I made my share of it.

        These days, my finances are more about keeping what I have and less about making more. Thanks to the US Gov and the Fed, the risk in the current market now outweighs the possible reward. Be very wary of a market that is bumping along a top, looking for direction, but that is unable to move significantly higher. This is a classic market top and it is usually followed by a serious bear correction. A drop of 30-40% from the current levels would not surprise me a bit and I have seen my share of bear markets. Having two of them in the same decade, 2001 and 2008, was a first for me and for everyone else now alive.

        But I still have a few core positions in ETFs and mutual funds. This is where about 25% of my wealth is located. I also have about 60% in cash and the rest in physical PMs. The PMs are my wealth insurance and a hedge against long term inflation. Right now, I have no interest in putting my cash into this market. It won’t be until after the election in Nov that I will make a decision on what to do with investing. The level of chaos that could be created by this election requires considerable caution on the part of experienced investors.

        The real hell of it insofar as the election goes is that Hellery will be better for the market but worse for the country while Trump will be just the opposite. This is my near-term view. If Trump is elected and does a decent job of being president, then the market will respond positively but that could take 5-6 months to sink in to those running the markets. If not, then the initial slide will continue. If Hellery is elected, the market will bounce higher because she’s not the enemy of Wall Street that she says she is. She’s getting some serious money from the big banks and hedge funds and they will expect to be repaid… several times over, unless I miss my guess on this.

        • KRELL427

          Ed I can relate to your real money real food analogy. A few years ago 3 buddies and myself were having dinner in Aruba at Ruth Chris Steakhouse,our one friend was boasting how he had written up his first billion dollar synthetic derivative. After a few minutes of arguing my point of it not being safe,I asked him, if it was a food would you eat it? He thought about it shortly and replied No.

          • Ed_B


            Good one! But at least you know your friend is an honest man, regardless of his profession.

            That’s the big problem with all this financial engineering. It doesn’t really create anything. It just stirs the financial pot a bit. Problem with it today is that it has gone from small potatoes 20 years ago to WAY bigger than the stock and bond markets today. That’s no way to run a railroad, as they say.

  • mike

    Well we dont know the metals as money and it is most certainly not a currency..It would need to spend.
    The only reason miners went up is because of a some large hedge fund manager, cant remember his name but it was an Italian named dude. He went heavily into them because it was an ignored sector and his model said they can make some money. I imagine when the physical brexit bubble finally pops the miners will go way down when this hedge fund sells. This is all just a play by the big boys.

    It was a PBS interview.,,I am sure you can find it on the youtubes if you look. I watched it a few weeks ago.

    Only BTC is money..PS the charts never lie after the fact..That is true.

    • Eric

      “We” don’t know a lot of things do “we” mike?

      mike says “only digital blips are money” because that’s all mike knows.

      Keep making yourself look stupid. You don’t even need any help from me anymore.

      • Millicent

        Not to worry Eric, someone “BIG” is standing for August delivery…

        Perhaps you and your Buddy Harvey the Organ can tell us who the “BIG” person is?

        The only thing that is “BIG” around here is your mouth…

      • mike

        Obviously you haven’t figured out PMs to not spend. The single greatest descriptor of “Money”.
        So I guess your right. When I refer to “We” I mean 99.9999999999999% of the world population excluding you.
        You need to stop with the gold is money. Its as stupid as, “Polly want a cracker”. Gold/Silver is not money and never will be again. It is an asset only and like all assets it is manipulated and will be forever more.
        Real honest money can not be manipulated. Real honest money doesn’t need to go through middlemen and banks, clearing houses etc. Real honest money could never be created by, controlled by or subject to any gubbement. Real honest money could never have a futures market dedicated to future production because real honest money would be in a true limited supply. The single most important aspect is Real Honest Money actually SPENDS..BTC is the only honest money.

        • Eric

          mike, let me give you a dose of reality since you are still stuck in the matrix and hooked up to the wires…

          Digital blips on a screen can be manipulated.

          Physical items in your hand cannot.

          Gold is the money of the elite. It can be spent, transferred, delivered, and exchanged.

          Bitcoin is the money of fools. A digital algorithm that has been beyond hyped up to give you the illusion of perceived wealth.

          You can’t eat a digital picture of a cheeseburger. But you can eat a real cheeseburger in your hand.

          • mike

            Eric then why in the name of god do you have a goldmoney account? Thats not gold in your hand its digital blips on a screen. If you take physical delivery you risk foreign mail services and customs. That would also mean you paid for your gold through goldmoney with your bank credit card..Unless you used your goldmoney savings account in which all you would do is trade gold for gold at a loss? Why risk all that when you can buy from
            Miles Franklin or the Doc at better prices and less liability?

            You are just an advertisement to the links on this site. There is a really good southpark about you 🙂

          • mike

            Eric the living Ad

            • Eric

              This is from the fool who always says that “ONLY BTC IS MONEY.”

              Which not only is false, but has never been true.

              • mike

                EXPOSED ADMAN…Yes Only BTC is money and happens to be the only honest money out there. You can buy anything with it unlike your version of Honest Money??…Lets all get some Britannia’s, Eric pointed out a great link. Better buy before now, its your last chance. Keep the Krell and get some 5oz bars before they’re gone forever. You need some preps as well..Eric please provide links to over priced preps.
                Oh you need some AG or Callinex or K2 mining stocks, use gold money..Need I say more?

                This entire site is one big ad. If it was interested in true answers to the Banker, Corporate propaganda the staff would do a little research on BTC and start pushing people to use that instead of the USD. Buying PMs that can only sit and be sold for USD later does not damage banks. It strengthens the dollar by keeping it in circulation?? So weird.

                You are an Ad

                • Eric

                  I never told anyone to buy britannias. And I certainly never said it was your ‘last chance.’ I said I bought some and was happy with my purchase and that it was a very sharp coin.

                  If BTC was money, it would not be called crypto-CURRENCY. And it would not cost 1% more to buy Gold and Silver using bitcoin than it does with bankster fiat currency. And I would see at least ONE “we accept bitcoin” sign somewhere locally.

                  Thanks for bringing up Callinex. It was up 34.84% TODAY! You should have bought some.

                  There are plenty of cheaper crypto-currencies to use than bitcoin, but bitcoin needs to be pushed or forced on others because it is a losing battle.

                  PM’s can be exchanged for other currencies and goods or services than just USD. The velocity of money is at a 50 year low mike. Where do you get your information? CNN money?

                  Are we done here yet? I’m getting tired of debunking your lies on a daily basis and you’re wasting everyone’s time and Sean’s comment section with your disinformation.

                  Don’t buy anything I said. You need to learn the hard way.

                • fonestar

                  Hey MIKE how is your night??

                  OOOPS! I forgot we are the SAME PERSON and so I should know that already. Because according to these *CERTIFIED MORONS* on this site, the only 2 people on planet Earth who advocate Bitcoin are named “SATOSHI” and “FONESTAR”. It’s not as simple as morons surrounding themselves with other small groups of morons lol…

                  And Bitcoin is a SUPER-DUPER conspiracy by the CIA… to uh, undermine THE DOLLAR… which funds the CIA and uh… well F#CK, I don’t need any of that fancy EVIDENCE bullshit anyway. Cos Bitcoin is like, you know uh, DIGITAL and everything digital is like “A PONZI” because uh, people who talk as dumb as me on Zerohedge say it’s “a ponzi” so ya know….

          • Eric

            You’re right. Goldmoney is segregated and allocated Gold held in trust by a third party. But I don’t have it for the bulk of my savings. I have it for less than 1% of my liquid net worth so that I can easily remove and convert bankster currency into Gold and back into bankster currency to spend when I want.

            And it’s far more stable and less volatile than crypto-currencies.

            I can take delivery of my Gold because it is insured so I am not taking much risk at all.

            If I am taking any risk, it is in the mining shares which are only 3% of my liquid net worth. But the risk/reward ratio is too great for me to ignore.

            Goldmoney is a quick and easy way out of the banking system and into Gold with around 1% transaction fees so it’s not really “better prices” to buy from a retail dealer which has a larger premium and charges for delivery. Goldmoney is not a way out of the regulatory system. It’s a way out of the banking system, and it is regulated and insured against theft and disaster.

            A pretty good option to have and these days it is good to have multiple options.

            I have accepted no compensation from anyone for my suggestions. I already made my money. I am only interested in protecting myself and share my success with others. If you would rather go down with the Titanic mike, I cannot help you.

    • Eric

      By the way, bitcoin is below support now of $580.

      • mike

        lol Eric support? That is some serious BS..I remember some gurus chart maybe Ro Coo Coos when silver hit $18.50 it goes to the moon? Even an article right here that $20.50 was the resistance once hit than BAM baby to the moon lol based on charts?? You were the great investor telling people to buy Britannia’s at that price??? If you haven’t figured out Charts are only good in hind sight then by all means lose all your money. You look at things in hind sight then scream to the world I had it right on?
        You are the “Living Advertisement” right here on sgtreport. I admit I didnt listen to this entire interview this Dex guy because he had no idea it is a single large hedge fund dumping money into the shares and they do have an exit strategy. I did know I could count on good entertainment by a parrot in the comments section..Your a clown

        • Eric

          oh mike, as usual you make everything up. I never told anyone to buy anything at any price.

          I said I picked some britannias up around $20. A bargain for sound money at 1979 prices that I now have in my physical possession, secure, and do not need to worry if a digital “crypto” currency on a hard drive fails.

          Charts and technical analysis are good for a number of reasons, but hindsight is not one of them. Losing money is not something I do often. But I will enjoy listening to you spout the same BS that “only blipcoin is money” as it trades down to $500 and below. Funny that you can’t even see how diluted bitcoin is becoming with all the other hundreds of crypto options out there that can be used to transfer digital payments.

          Why haven’t you bought any “beavercoin” yet? Only beavercoin is money and much more stable.

          Do First Majestic investors over the last 7 months look like they are losing money? I believe I was calling the bottom in silver back then at $14 along with a few other very awake and aware intelligent people here. You might have been distracted with your new printer or other consumer junk if you don’t remember.

          There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who hate clowns and clowns. Clowns make shit up like you do. Those who are serious, take the time to learn history so they aren’t doomed to repeat it like myself.

          Now, before you react and blather on about your opinion, name calling, or something else you don’t know anything about but have the need to speak of, the least you could do is stop to think for 2 minutes about how disrespectful you are to all of us here when you can’t even at least TRY to support your opinions with at least some kind of evidence. Is that so much to ask?

        • fonestar

          Don’t rain on AGENT ERIC’s parade Mike! Getting to use words like “support” makes him feel like he’s one of the big boys and he can escape his pathetic life for a few minutes.

          Oh… and even *IF* Bitcoin WERE NOT “real money” I would still be buying Bitcoin and advocating people to purchase Bitcoin. Because if Bitcoin is “fake money” it sure does a lot of things better than “real money” does!

          • Eric

            The purge is coming Krell. The undesirables and unproductive amongst us will be dealt with.

            • fonestar

              Does that include people who re-post irrelevant videos from Youtube and make asinine comments over and over?

              • Eric

                It might. But it definitely includes scam artists and criminals that promote ponzi schemes and fake currencies.

                • fonestar

                  Great point! You say that “real money” should not be able to be used by criminals? So what if something is illegal in Iran and legal in United States? That person traveling has to surrender their money? Or does it just stop being money when a criminal touches it?

                  And I am sure criminals have never used gold, silver or dollars to buy anything before either. I don’t expect any “real” answers from you because it’s apparent you’re either a gov shill or a f####ing retard. But it’s fun blasting holes in your “logic” anyway.

                • Eric

                  “So what if something is illegal in Iran and legal in United States?”

                  Like what? Could you be more specific?

                  I am sure kings, scholars, gentlemen, and even serfs have used Silver and Gold as money. But until 8 years ago, nobody used bitcoin or crypto-currencies. What’s your point?

                  Use whatever you want. I’m no stopping you. But don’t peddle your scam to unsuspecting people here. How much labor and how long did it take to create the first 6 million bitcoins? None.

                  Bitcoin is not a store of value.

                • fonestar

                  Homosexuality is illegal in Iran and not in the United States.

                  So are homos allowed to use gold as money in the US but not Iran? Because your “laws” tell us what we can use RIGHT??

                  What happens when criminals touch the gold money? Does it stop being money forever? Does it just stop being money while the criminal is touching it? Does it go back to being money when a non-criminal touches it? Because “HONEST MONEY” can’t be used by CRIMINALS RIGHT??

                  Answer the questions dummy… I dare ya to stop dodging.

                  This is why I love Bitcoin. Stupid people don’t understand they’re stupid and don’t get it. And Bitcoin can be used by terrorists, bank robbers, molesters, bankers, butt-sexors… and there’s not a DAMN THING people like ERIC and his beloved “government” can do to stop it!

                • Eric

                  I told you. I don’t care what you use.

                  Have you found anyone in Iran willing to accept blipcoin yet? If they are willing to accept it without you forcing it on them, it’s fine by me.

                  Honest money can be used by anyone. So can dishonest money. But the quality of money defines the individual. Most people are honest and do not like to transact with criminals and snake oil salesmen.

                  I always answer your questions. They are stupid easy questions to answer. I’m waiting for you to get to a good well thought out question that is actually challenging for me. This bitcoin stuff is baby stuff.

                  My “beloved government?” Grow up. You emotionally react to every little thing.

            • Ed_B

              Indeed so, Eric… and none too gently at that. The world does not suffer those who behave foolishly most of the time and not at all some of the time. Oh, well.

              But then, that’s one of the really cool aspects of life. We get to make a lot of choices and we need to get them right or WE WILL suffer for our poor choices. It’s basically a Darwinian thing. lol

      • Millicent

        Hmmm? What is a “Fashpoint”?

        SILVER TAKES OUT $20: “A Fashpoint in History”
        Posted on July 5, 2016 by The Doc

        Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+

        silver stormSilver took out $20 in Sunday night Globex trading, but that’s not all, silver briefly pierced $21 Sunday night before settling back. Andy Hoffman joins me for a silver update and warns, “We are at a flashpoint in history…there is literally a tiny, tiny window left for people to protect themselves before all hell breaks loose…”

  • mike

    Then your wrong…My charts say Silver since it’s in a 100% oversupply situation right now according to David Morgan will be sub $10 with spike lows possibly under $2.00 in a few months. If my spike lows are correct I will pick up 20k oz of the stuff because it reached a fair value as far as effort and energy goes to mine it. I have tried to explain the supply when it comes to mining and you still didnt get it. Even when David Morgan said there are 2 billion above ground ozs a 100% increase in AG supply. Compared to your endless parroting 1 billion ozs you are still under the impression we are in deficit? Where do you get your stupid ideas?..Oh right here and you even spam parrot your ideas. If we were in deficit how did 1 billion extra oz’s come into the market in just the last 2-3 years? That would be impossible UNLESS your mining numbers are totally wrong and your miners are lying about supply. Hate to break it to you your numbers are totally wrong just ask your boy Dave. There is an endless supply of silver above and below ground..It is easily mined etc etc…Do your own research. If you don’t believe me about the hedge fund look it up yourself or shut up. They dove heavy into buying the shares and people always buy into a rising market. They are going to pull out at some point and that will be the end for a while..Then someone else will do the same thing.

    • Eric

      No sources cited. gee thanks for the charts.

      There isn’t a supply problem. There is a pricing problem. Silver is still priced at 1979 levels. That clearly is a strong sign that it’s undervalued.

      The 2 billion above ground ounces David was referring to are in relation to private investment holdings. Not mine production. Look at the “net balance” here…

      Silver has been in supply deficit for 30 years. Probably more. But growing industrial AND investment demand will or I should already is causing problems for the bankers.

      Smart investors look for future gains. Not yesterday’s momentum. And you can’t JUST look at today’s supply without factoring in future demand or production.

      • mike

        All of your links are to criminals and the very people responsible for misinformation and manipulation. Look for yourself what hedge funds are doing. They seed a market by buying and the dolts buy into a rising market then they sell. Exactly what Sprott did in 2011.
        If you believe BTC is just a ponzi scheme like the stock market then why not do some interviews with some good BTC people? If Sean is concerned about missing the rise of mining ponzi stocks then why is he not concerned he is missing the rise in the only honest money on earth, BTC? Your morally dishonest and it shows. You by default are backing the dollar paradigm and everything that includes, Your Jews, Banksters, Gubberments, CIA, Aliens, evil cats etc and dishonest morally bankrupt businesses by investing in the stock market and pushing PMs as money which they are not. Since they are not money they pose no threat since they can not be spent only sold again for dirty dollars strengthening the dollar paradigm.
        Only BTC is money and circumvents all the controls, gubberments, your Jews, CIA etc. It is the only true threat to that paradigm you defend tooth and nail by your corrupt links.
        AGENT ERIC Nice work, your country and Gubberment are proud of your deception- CIA

        • Eric

          What crimes did they commit?

          mike, do you know the difference between a long contract and a short contract?

          I don’t do interviews. But I do educate uninformed people.

          I don’t think sean is missing the rise in honest money. Because honest money is Gold and Silver. Not BTC. How am I morally honest? Please explain.

          I’m not backing the “dollar paradigm.” When have I done that? I am advocating for a Gold and Silver standard at fair market value/price.

          You say ONLY BTC is money because it “spends.” Is cash money mike? Cash is much more widely accepted and spends fine. Is cash money mike? Or is it only digital blips on a screen to you? How can cash be both physical and digital and not be money? But ONLY BTC can be money when it is ONLY digital?

        • Eric

          Also please don’t lie about bitcoin circumventing the CIA/NSA.

          The watchers are watching everything you do online. You should stick to the facts. At least that way you have truth on your side.

          • KRELL427

            Bix Wier’s last interview he stated that he knows the government is involved,he thinks FBI owns the satoshi stash,but that’s why he likes it because the will never let it crash. I think he’s gone whacko,I also think alot of people are going wacko lately but thats my opinion.Just listened to the latest Sinclair Holter interview, wait till you hear what Jim says about bitcoin.they are going to release that interview out for everyone.

            • Eric

              They will if they want it to. As he said himself… they can put the price of silver at $1 or $1 million per ounce. Why can’t they do the same with bitcoin?

              Almost 1 billion ounces in digital/paper Silver short contracts that need to be covered.

              Only about 27 million ounces in registered inventory.

              If people are too ignorant to see where this is going by now, they deserve to go wacko.

              • mike

                Because BTC can not be MANIPULATED..It is a 1 for 1 Market so the price is its true worth unlike pms that can be manipulated to the upside like they have been all these years through the lens of perceived rarity. We all know with the exception of you PMs are as rare as a gallon of diesel makes them.
                But I would be happy as hell if “they” pushed the price of silver to 1 million an oz..There would be zero customers and a major glut of the stuff but you might find someone willing to trade you something of high value for it? Perhaps another sucker like yourself?

                Keep the Faith boys..Your about to go into tribulation.

                Only BTC is Money!

                • Eric

                  It can be manipulated to the upside because its fair value is $0.37, but not when the price drops like it did again today.

                  Currently $568.99 and targeting $550.

                  If Silver was trading at it’s fair value it would be between $500 and $1,000 which has been documented by many including myself.

                  A gallon of gasoline in 1965 cost $0.31


                  A little more than a silver quarter or $3.58 today. I’d say Silver is still massively undervalued and under-owned while Bitcoin is in a bubble which is currently deflating.

                  Yes, at 1 million dollars per ounce Silver would be unobtainable. But then so would everything unless you have sound money in your own possession and not on a hard drive.

                  If Bitcoin is money, then so is Litecoin, Beavercoin, Tittiecoin and Trumpcoin. Virtually the same thing and far less expensive to purchase.

                • mike

                  Bix weir also says there are untold mountains of gold hidden. Dont be a moron and bring that nutter up. The CIA does not control BTC but they do control Bix Weir.

                  Eric..Think about your example..

                  1960s oil easy and plentiful to extract..Today not so much.

                  With your same silver quarter you can buy 1.5 gallons vs 1960s.
                  Innovation has made extracting oil from hard to reach places a breeze and the result is cheaper oil than in 1960.
                  Innovation has also made mining pms virtually labor free.

                  You have 45 years of inflation and innovation in those industries eating at the price of PMs and Oil.
                  If you think somehow Silver has saved that purchasing power your wrong. If it did it would buy you 100 gallons of gas instead of 1.5 gallons.
                  Innovation in real terms has made oil cheaper than ever before in the history of the world. Same with PMs, Coal,etc
                  All commodities are falling in cost because of innovation. Some are just falling quicker than others.
                  Still amazed you do not understand innovation. All prices are fluid today because of innovation and the ease in which we can extract.

                  You are a moron of the highest order congratulations.

                • Eric

                  I thought you said it was easy to mine stuff at zero cost mike?

                  Why not oil too?

                  If a silver quarter is worth $3.58 today. I would say it has held it’s value quite well since you can buy ever more gas with it today than you could in 1965. You could even say that’s because of technology or innovation.

                  But how come you couldn’t buy a gallon of gasoline in 1965 with bitcoin? And how come gas stations don’t accept bitcoin in 2016?

                  Orange Juice, Sugar, Gold, Platinum, Soybeans, heating oil… they are NOT falling in cost.


                  Prices are not fluid. Prices are manipulated by central banks. Prices do not reflect fair value. But we are getting there. That is why the price of commodities is rising and the price of bitcoin is falling. They are starting to approach fair value.

                  Someone with a solid argument does not need to insult the other person by calling them a moron. They just need truth. A very rare commodity in this age. Something I have and you do not. This is why I attach links and document my findings while you do not.

            • Eric

              Stay strong Krell.

              Get some 5 oz. Viking Bars. They are choice I must admit.

  • Steelerdude

    just adding two cents….Dex used to be on with Charlie McGrath way back….he was run off the board a few times with some bad investment advice …. people were pretty mad and upset.

    there is my two cents….be careful people….

  • fonestar

    Why do SGT, ZH and the others refuse to put up a Bitcoin donation address? It takes 2 seconds to have your web guy do, it shows solidarity with the crypto-community, it makes you more money and it can increase your web traffic. Hmmm… almost makes you wonder whose side they’re really on?

  • Eric

    Probably because Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme, pyramid scam, and is just crappy digital currency when Gold and Silver is HONEST MONEY. And SGT hasn’t sold his soul for just more digital blips on a screen.

    Any other questions?

  • Julian

    Sean, Eric, and Rory,

    I don’t get buying mining stocks,or stocks of any kind.When the paper ponzi burns down, won’t it all be worthless anyway?Think Germany after World War I.What worth did any business stock have????

    • fonestar

      Exactly Julian, this is what I’ve been saying. Good luck collecting on any of those “winnings” while all hell is breaking loose! You are going to be just another unsecured creditor supposing you live through the mayhem.

      And equally dumb is storing gold in another country. You can kiss that good-bye too.

      • KRELL427

        I’m with you on that one, Greg Morse lays it out like no other

      • Eric

        That’s why I am always itching to take profits and go to the ATM.

        Hell was breaking loose in Milwaukee the other day and still is while I was at the ATM 3 days in a row removing cash from the system and collecting on my “winnings.”

        When you start getting close to a half a ton of metal, you start looking for other containers to put your eggs in.

        Haven’t had any problems this year with my mining shares… yet.

        • KRELL427

          Eric you have your bases covered and understand the risk,you are in a very small minority.Play with what you can afford to loose. I’m in lockdown mode,Having a very good year at work and stacking,leaving only debt in the bank,the hackers can take it.😀Most importantly enjoying life while we can.

          • Eric

            Not all of them are covered Krell. But I am on top of my game.

            Still need a truck so I can start getting out of here. And I still live in the US and southern california remember? I’m surrounded by unprepared people none of which live within their means. And I don’t know much mandarin, khmer, or Tagalog yet.

            Got some cc debt at 0.00% in the bank too. Not too worried about that. 🙂

    • fonestar

      ..oh yeah and the “reason” is most likely this site and the others are accepting advertising from the mining companies.

      • Eric

        I haven’t gotten anything from them. 🙁

        But recently my MX Gold position is up 50% since I mentioned it a few weeks ago.
        Callinex was up 35% today. Nevada Exploration is up about 27% in the last week. Those are just some recent ones.

        It’s fun finding extreme value.

        Congratulations on your 5 gram gold nugget by the way. Nuggets are more money than jewelry.

        Fonestar, you’re so money and you don’t even know it. Why are you messing around with coffeemugs and washing machines?

        • fonestar

          I rarely pay over spot for any Jewelry I have acquired and usually pay less than spot. Everything is karat tested and weighed with advanced digital scales. And I have all the gear to smelt the Jewelry myself at home.

    • Eric

      More than likely Julian. Most people probably shouldn’t buy mining shares and just stay out. But if you have done your due diligence on these companies, you can take some safety by registering your shares with the transfer agent and taking delivery of your share certificates.

      I am 52% Physical Gold, 40% Physical Silver, 3% Platinum, 2% Palladium, 3% mining shares. Very little cash at any point in time.

      If I lose all my mining shares, I might be a little upset, but the reset in metals prices will more than make up for it. And we’ll all have bigger problems at that point anyways. Like you said… Germany after WWI. Like I said, most people should probably stay out of the shares. Stick with the physical.

      If I could go back and do it all over again, I would do what Jim Willie says… 90% physical Silver and 10% physical Gold. Or 80/20. You decide what works best for you.

      But I’ve been at this long enough. And the miner’s are outperforming the physical by a lot so far this year. I can risk 3% of my wealth in well research mining shares with great management and good properties.

  • Moishe

    G/S is intentionally volatile to scare away buyers. That said, I believe this will occur until something major goes down most likely a major Mossad/Rothschild false flag followed by WW3, When this happens G/S will be not a concern as death & survival will be #1 concern.

  • C.I.

    From Post 1


    Just Saying……


  • Jacobson

    40% of comments are Eric’s.
    Just saying…

  • jskauai

    AG holders want to look at a Fibonacci retractment for AG’s move off the bottom for possible correction targets. You can do that simply by going to stockcharts and pulling up a 1 year daily chart for AG. Put price labels into your chart. Then go to annotate chart option and choose Fibonacci retracement. Draw your lines from the Jan 2016 low of 2.40 to the Aug high of 19.15. The 38.2% retract @ 12.74 the 50% retract @ 10.75 and the 61.8% retrace @ 8.79. It is not uncommon for a stock to retract to the 50% area. IMO this stock was over-hyped and is overvalued relative to $silver and many of it’s peers. It could very well retract as a fast spike down…time will tell.

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