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25 Must Have Items For Your Survival Hygiene Kit

by Gaye Levy, The Sleuth Journal:

The Oxford English Dictionary defines hygiene as:

“Conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.”

During or following a disruptive event, life will be tough enough without having to worry about maintaining health and preventing disease. Why then, do I find the topic of a survival hygiene kit taking a backseat to articles about food, water, bug-out bags and life in the wilderness?

Today I plan to change that by sharing my own list of must have items to keep me clean, healthy, and looking good. And lest you question the “looking good” part, rest assured I plan to explain why that is important when faced with a survival situation.

Here is my list, in no particular order.

Best Practices: 25 Items to Include in Your Survival Hygiene Kit
Soap (I prefer liquid castile soap)
Razor plus some old denim for stropping
Dental Floss
Sun Shower also called a Solar Shower (I have this one)
Baking Soda (can be used as a shampoo substitute or as a toothpaste 50/50 with salt)
Epsom Salt
Laundry Soap (I use the DIY version)
Potty Bucket (5 gallon bucket with seat)
Kitty Litter or other organic material to use with the potty bucket
Toilet Paper
Mobile Washer
Microfiber cloths to use for washing
Cotton tea towels to use for drying (these are amazing and not too small for full-body use)
Hair cutting scissors
Nail Clippers
Feminine supplies (if applicable; read more here)
Diapers (if applicable)
Hand Mirror
Lipstick (optional)

Why Looking Good Matters
To this day, I still get up each morning and go through the routine of dressing nicely, wearing makeup, and styling my hair (which is no easy task). Being a prepper did not change that. Furthermore, I make no apologies for having a desire to look good and for carrying a tube of lipstick in my my pockets and my packs right alongside a pocket-sized flashlight.

In my opinion, being able to face the world looking good increases confidence and self-esteem. This means you will attack your daily chores with a bit more gusto and enthusiasm. I believe this article on Natural News says is best:

By looking good, you get to boost your confidence. And when you look good, you know that people’s eyes are on you and that you have their attention. You’ll feel good about yourself and with that feeling, you are given the urge to do anything you want, to reach for your dreams and whatever goals you have in life. Once you get that confidence, you also start to be happy inside. Yes. Confidence is happiness.

The Final Word
Call it my upbringing or call it common sense. Whatever the reason, I am obsessed with personal grooming and hygiene. To further that thought, it is my opinion that maintaining good hygiene and good grooming should be part of a prepper’s overall strategy.

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