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‘Yes!’ – UK PM When Asked if She is Prepared to Use Nukes if Necessary

from RT:

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5 comments to ‘Yes!’ – UK PM When Asked if She is Prepared to Use Nukes if Necessary

  • malcolm

    Full clip??? Yes then what did she say. ??????????

  • Tony

    I hope if there is a nuke exchange she is NUKED FIRST and SURVIVES IRRADIATED-A SLOW DEATH SHE DESERVES!

  • Scott

    This is exactly why we human beings are so screwed today. Everybody, and I mean everybody, including and especially sites like SgtReport put sound bites and video clips out there that are taken completely out of context! Keep in mind this site is just another garbage peddler. It’s garbage just like in the tabloids in the grocery checkout line.

  • C.I.

    About time that serious questions are answered without hesitation.

    The world now knows what is what without any further discussion.

    This is a different world that will dismay power brokers and media mules.

    I think we should all start talking to each other………….without “Elected Representatives”

    Am I wrong in this?


  • PeterB

    I think if this clip had run for another minute, it would have put here response in context. As a weapon of LAST resort what else could she have said.
    Of course some countries have pushed nukes into a ‘First Strike’ weapon. Example:- The Wolfowitz Doctrine. Absolutely insane IMO

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