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WOW! Banks in America NOT Accepting Cash for Payments — Your Money Is Worth Nothing

from Dallas Ahrens III%:

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5 comments to WOW! Banks in America NOT Accepting Cash for Payments — Your Money Is Worth Nothing

  • Jack

    Well if it is any consolation. BOA is laying off scores of employees. This dummy in the video doesn’t even realize he is in the process of destroying his own job.

  • Steelerdude

    Great video, and someone posted on youtube that it was old, and yes it is,
    but the facts remain.

    Cash is dead…I always use the scenario because its easier to understand when
    I talk to people: “you get a loan on your house, you have interest on that loan,
    who creates the physical money on the interest money? or how does the govt know
    with so many loans, student, car, home, personal, etc how much money needs to
    come off those presses???”

    it truly is mind boggling …specially when you consider the dollar is backed by
    absolutely nothing…zilch….nada…its just paper and ink on paper…

    comments welcome…comments and ideas help me fine tune to what is going on….

    damn hot in Texas….

    • Carlos

      The reason the bank is rejecting the cash payment is that if you use a financial instrument then they can re-monitize it over and over again if you don’t do a restrictive endorsement. Thereby getting payed 20 times or more on the same payment. Cash is also lawful money vs legal tender and again can’t be fractionalized or re-monitized. If you want to have some fun just place on the next piece of paper you sign “not for reissue” or “redeem in lawful money”. The banks love that too. Search you tube for Lawful money and you will learn some neat stuff.

  • Pablo

    Why anyone would do any business with and have their mortgage and willingly pay Interest to any of these Big Banks is just unbelieveable to me. Might be time for this guy to Refi with a credit union instead? Perhaps they take cash.

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