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Woman Turns to Raw Foods, Heals Self from Thyroid Cancer

by Antonia, Intellihub:

I decided to try an alternative, holistic approach to cure it rather than go through surgery and be on medications all my life.

When Dr. Ruby Lathon, an engineering professional, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she dreaded the thought of undergoing surgery and taking medications. While such treatments are typically the go-to solution in situations like hers, such drastic measures were something she hoped to avoid. So, whereas many people give in to traditional medical advice without exploring other options, Lathon did otherwise.

“I decided to try an alternative, holistic approach to cure it rather than go through surgery and be on medications all my life,” said Lathon. She explains that she gave herself one year to beat her cancer by completely changing her lifestyle. She eliminated all processed foods and stopped her dairy intake and instead juiced daily, ate only raw foods and always made sure to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The results?

Before her one-year time frame to test the effectiveness of this dietary shift was even up, she says that she was declared as cancer-free.

“I’ve always had a firm belief that the body can heal itself,” she said, crediting her new dietary lifestyle for the turnaround in her health.(1)

These days, Lathon is completely devoted to her healthier lifestyle. Not only is she involved in seminars and workshops that teach about the healing powers of whole, plant-based foods as well as self-healing and spirituality, but she provides others with healthy recipes on her YouTube channel, TheVeggieChest. Just some of the many recipes found there include a raw beet jicama salad with spicy lime dressing, an egg-free quiche and a raw sun-dried tomato hummus.

A raw food diet has healed several others with a variety of health problems

Several others like her have discovered the health benefits of a raw food diet. Stacy Stowers had debilitating fibromyalgia that kept her in a state of chronic pain for almost 20 years. When she began a raw foods diet, she was able to get out of bed within 10 days; now, she’s been free of her pain ever since.(2)

Then there’s Amanda Brocket, who struggled with systemic candidiasis. In addition to constantly fighting intense sugar cravings, she was always fatigued, mentally and physically. She decided to detox and consume raw foods. Just two months into maintaining this lifestyle, she says she was symptom-free.(3)

Consuming raw foods can also be an effective breast cancer treatment. When Janette Murray-Wakelin was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and told she only had six months to live, she turned to raw foods and within the same time period that she was told she might die, she was instead given a clean bill of health.(4)

Although some people say that a raw food diet doesn’t provide the body with adequate nutrients, evidence shows otherwise. Not only have many people like Lathon healed themselves in this manner, but they’ve shown that the myths surrounding the lifestyle can be put to rest.

Putting raw food myths to rest

For example, one myth about those who eat raw foods is that they only consume fruits and vegetables, or just enjoy one particular vegetable all day for weeks on end. While they do eat fruits and vegetables, they are no stranger to variety, often incorporating plenty of nuts and seeds in their diet as well.

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7 comments to Woman Turns to Raw Foods, Heals Self from Thyroid Cancer

  • Bob

    Wonderful that she beat cancer, but I can’t help thinking of those lottery ticket commercials–every one of them shows somebody winning the jackpot, but in real life only one in several million win. A healthy diet is always a plus and should be encouraged, but how many people who eschewed medical treatment and tried the holistic approach to curing cancer are now in their graves?

  • Krell 427

    Only one in a million win because if you get chemo your chances are slim to none.Dr Leonard Coldwell explains how you have a 27% chance if you do nothing at all. Also watch the movie a world without cancer by G Edward Gift on the importance of B17 found in bitter apricot seeds.

  • Krell 427

    Shouls say G Edward Griffin

  • JoeM

    The Two most Evil Spawns of the International Banking Crime Syndicate are:

    MSM – Main Stream Media – Poisons the Mind with Extreme Propaganda

    MSM – Main Stream Medicine – Poisons the Body with Radiation and Caustic Chemicals

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