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With DNC Wrapped FBI Director Suddenly Declares “Success Against ISIS Means … MORE Terror”

by Bernie Suarez, Activist Post:

The now wrapped Democratic National Convention proved to be an ugly circus of lies, deceit, betrayal, censorship, issue-dodging, finger-pointing, name-calling, propaganda, fake speeches, snappy quotes and cliques, you name it.

It was an ugly moment in American history of course. Anyone paying attention and anyone who sees what I see knows we are watching history unfold before our very eyes because we are watching the official attempt (by the ruling elite) to transform America, once and for all, into a broken and depopulated dangerous wasteland of slaves living in fear and ruled by evil overlords. Following seven and half years of Obama it feels like we’re already there, but unfortunately, as many of us suspect, it CAN get much worse and that’s where Hillary comes into the picture. Yes, Obama has been a good slave for the West’s ruling elites’ new world order agenda, but now it’s Hillary’s turn to take all of Obama’s tyrannical efforts to the next level. We know this and they (the oligarchs fighting for the throne) know this as well.

We can all feel it even if we can’t all articulate what we see unfolding before our very eyes. Hillary seems to already be quietly in charge. Just look at the death trail she’s leaving behind … and she’s not even president yet. Think about this. Okay perhaps Hillary is not yet “officially” in charge but she is now (without officially being crowned president) officially above the law as proven by the words told to us by FBI Director James Comey.

Given what we now know, we need to all recognize the plans of the Western cabal unfolding before our very eyes. There are a lot of parts to this plan but today we turn our attention to Comey who just a few weeks ago (July 2016) officially declared Hillary above the law. We can appreciate with our own eyes that Comey is an obedient stooge for the new world order oligarchs, and what he recently declared is a clear confirmation of this.

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