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Why is Hillary Above the Law?

from Paul Joseph Watson:

Why were other people charged for virtually the very same thing that Hillary got away with?

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4 comments to Why is Hillary Above the Law?

  • anon

    Hillary is “above the law” because she serves the MONEY POWER (Rothschilds/”Fed”), of which GOLDMAN SACHS is a part, and all their allies (Jesuits, “Committee of 300”, Black Nobility, Club of Rome, CFR/CIA, Trilateral Commission) and all their “globalist” interests.

    • anon


      Any questions?

      • anon

        “Why is Hillary Above the Law?”

        Look at who “the Law” is: James Comey. Director of the FBI.

        Comey Oversaw Drug Cartel Money Laundering Operations As a Top Executive At HSBC Bank

        Quote from the article (above): “I asked my source if Comey would have known, and he replied: ‘he would have to have been drunk 24/7 to not know what was going on.'”

        HSBC LAUNDERS MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL MONEY. PROBABLY FOR THE CARTEL(S) THAT WORK WITH THE CIA IN ‘SOUTH AMERICA’. MENA (AIRPORT), ARKANSAS, mid-1980’s, George H.W. Bush, Former Director of the CIA (1976-1977), and then Vice President under Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, Barry Seal, CIA Pilot, flew guns to Nicaraguan Contras, and on the return flight unloaded plane-loads full of cocaine.

        George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are the two biggest DRUG LORDS in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation. So, if Comey is a former HSBC DRUG LAUNDERER, working for the same MONEY POWER and it’s CIA, that Hitlary Clinton works for, and that her hubby Bill works for, and that George H.W. Bush works for, and that the entire U.S. Government works for, including the “Just Us” Dept., then it’s no surprise that Hitlary is “above the law”.

  • KRELL427

    She also runs the Clinton Foundation, following the money trail would incriminate too many piggies at the trough.

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