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Who in Their Right Mind Would Vote for Clinton? These People Will and They Could Decide the Election

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

A lady parks her car far away from the grocery store entrance. A concerned gentleman approaches her and advises her that there are parking spots closer to the store and that if she moved her car, she would not have to walk so far in the summer heat.

The lady intently stares at the parking lot and replies to the man “I don’t see any parking spots except those marked for handicapped parking”. To her observation, the gentleman replied, “Exactly, I just assumed that because you have a Hillary 2016 campaign sticker on your car, that you must be handicapped”.

What makes most jokes funny is that there is a bit of ironic humor contained in the joke and this joke begs the question, who in their right mind could vote for a sociopathic career criminal such as Hillary Clinton? The answer to this question is surprising and could serve as the impetus to Clinton’s victory.

So, just who will voting for Clinton this November and why?

The Individuals and Groups Who Need Hillary Clinton to Become President

The following is a list of people who desperately need Hillary Clinton:

The Obama Phone Recipients and the Rest of the Entitlement Crowd

There are 50 million Americans on food stamps in this country. Does anyone seriously believe that these people are going to vote against their own gravy train? Presently, there are 97 million full-time workers in America. There are 101 million adults who are not working full-time. Those of us who are unemployed support those who are not. This is not sustainable and will eventually send the economy into meltdown.

Illegal Immigrants

If they illegally voted for Obama, they will vote for “no borders” Clinton. She is on the record as saying that we should admit anyone who wants to come to America.

With no voter ID needed to vote in many locations, the number of future democrats, who will vote, will increase exponentially. And why will they vote this November in great numbers? She is on the record that we should let everyone in including radical Muslims.

There are powerful reasons why illegal aliens will vote for Clinton:

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2 comments to Who in Their Right Mind Would Vote for Clinton? These People Will and They Could Decide the Election

  • anon

    IF Hitlary Clinton gets into the White House, in Nov. 2016 – America, as we knew it, will be finished.

    • anon

      Unfortunately, Hitlary Clinton works for the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which works for CHATHAM HOUSE (formerly the BRITISH Royal Institute for International Affairs), which works for the “Committee of 300” (that Dr. John Coleman has written a book on), as well as the Western International Central Bankers, primarily out of the ‘City’ of London, along with the Milner/(Cecil) Rhodes’ Round-table Groups.

      It’s these Western “elites” that have already decided they will do everything in their power to put Hitlary Clinton in the White House, come November, and make it look like she was popularly “elected”.

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