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Who Hacked Hillary’s Server Revealed

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Alex Jones talks with investigative journalist Wayne Madsen about just how insecure and vulnerable Hillary’s private server was.

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2 comments to Who Hacked Hillary’s Server Revealed

  • The real question is , ” We has not hacked HilldaBeast’s server ? “

    • Ed_B

      We can be sure that the Chinese and Russian government hackers scooped up every bit of dirt that was on Hellery’s server. This will not be revealed by them but it WILL be used by them to extract concessions from Hellery at the appropriate time. IF she becomes president, she WILL be blackmailed by those holding this evidence of her duplicity. Of course, selling out their country has never been cause for any hesitation on the part of the Clintons. I suggest that both Billy and Hilly re-read Dante’s Inferno for some insight into their long-term future.

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