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Where Are The Handcuffs? This Video Blows The Doors Open On Hillary’s Corruption, Obfuscations and Outright Lies

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

In a recent article Jeremiah Johnson noted that FBI Director James Comey actually did a really great job in his handling of the Clinton private server email scandal. By “great” we mean that Comey did exactly what he was appointed to do, which is to protect the oligarchs at any cost, no matter the detriment to American law and order.

We see that they vote where their money or their personal enrichment of power is.  Some people said that Comey “didn’t do his job.” Yes, he did: his job in the hire of the Clintons, and that “job” was on, not for the American people.

As you’ll see in the video below, absolutely no one other than Hillary Clinton would have been allowed to go free without charges had they engaged in the same activity, which includes everything from sharing and receiving classified information, to obstructing investigators.

As noted by Silence Is Consent:

It’s also time she pays for her criminal activity, she should be locked up. Wake up America, you have been conned for far too long, it’s time to put it to an end.

At the conclusion of this compilation you will be left with only one question:

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1 comment to Where Are The Handcuffs? This Video Blows The Doors Open On Hillary’s Corruption, Obfuscations and Outright Lies

  • videoctr

    I did my part with regard to waking up. On day 1 of the DNC convention, watching the live Youtube feed, I kept hammering them in the comments section, asking them, where are the flags? Why is no one wearing a US flag lapel pin?

    The US flag is the antithesis to the globalists goals They want the destruction of nationality. It is plain to see the DNC for what they are and what the leadership is all about. They want America with open borders and siding with the globalists NWO agenda. There is no room for the red, white and blue. Now on day 2 of the DNC they put out a a half dozen of flags tucked in the corners, left and right side of the stage.

    I did my small part using the power of the pen to expose these anti-Americans. Stay awake and aware friends, see through the illusions of the magician’s tricks that are being performed, and the mind control statements they are using to quell the outrage of the mobs forming outside the walls of the DNC Convention Center.

    To quell the rising voices, they say “Brothers and sisters.” What happened to “My fellow Americans”. Should the beast take office, it will become, “Dear Comrades.”

    We are awake and aware. Normalcy bias is the enemy. Be ready for the big reset that is coming.

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