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When the Election Is Stolen, Snipers Will Be on the Roof to Execute Peaceful Protesters

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

At the risk of sounding like Karl Marx, the super elite have simply been murdering protesters, around the world as the planet is falling under a de facto state of martial law.

The super elite are clearly not serving the needs of the people, they are serving their selfish desires to help themselves to the resources of the people. And when the people object, they are being summarily executed in increasing numbers.

Just the sheer number of instances and the brutality in which freedom-loving people are being eliminated can speak to nothing else but this is a coordinated effort between and among the super elite on the planet to kill protesters by placing snipers on the roof. Here are examples of where it is has been happening around the world. And soon it will be coming to America in the midst of our present civil unrest as this will be discussed in the latter part of the article with the passage of little known riot control methods as per the military, yes the military, not local law enforcement.

The Ukraine

Photographed by journalists from Voice of Ukraine, we see pro-Russian forces firing upon unarmed protesters.

The pro-Yanukovich forces are pictured above on a rooftop of an Ukrainian house on January, 22, 2014, firing upon unarmed protesters. According to Ukrainian journalists, working for the Voice of Ukraine, this is very common occurrence in which untold numbers of protesters are being murdered on a daily basis.


Here in Egypt, government forces are displaying their favorite tactic in dealing with an unhappy citizenry.

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