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What To Do With Unprepared Family and Friends?

from TruthNeverTold:

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5 comments to What To Do With Unprepared Family and Friends?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Tricky situation to help the clueless, hungry, desperate relatives/friends, without setting yourself up to be robbed, killed, or drained of all your resources until YOU and your loved ones starve to death too.

    I like the idea of having a decent, emergency “Care Package” as a “booster helper” to give away (but then, of course, it reveals that YOU are Santa Clause, Guardian Angel of Endless Mercy, etc). and nobody can afford to be put onto THAT pedestal.

    Being able to throw 50-100 ounces of silver at them, along with enough dry & canned food (and 10-20 gallons of water & 5 gallons of gas, etc) to last for 3 months or better, is a great idea, but we ALL have the bad feeling that it’s gonna be like feeding a stray cat or dog (they’ll be back for more and never go away until all of you are out of food and dead.)

    As part of that “Care Package”, I’d include a full supply of garden seeds and some kind of all purpose garden & food preservation book(s), and perhaps a bag of garden fertilizer and a bit of bug chems to get them started.

    As for my PERSONAL idea on this subject? I’ve already stocked a spare room with enough food for 2 (clueless) relatives to eat for 4-6 months, and yes, I expect they’ll never be able to leave until the economy comes back up (NEVER). I’d also be able to send them on their way with a bit of silver. I’ll run the numbers when that day comes and I’ll try to give them enough silver to live ok for an entire year (if possible.)

    So I also have plans on USING them as my GARDEN SLAVES, cooking, canning, planting, weeding, etc. No work? No Eat. There is NO way around it. We are gonna have to work together, or die together, or I’ll have to kick them out at the point of a gun, and do it all by myself.

    I am also mentally prepared to turn people away at the point of the gun. I am also prepared to kill intruders to protect my own life and living supplies.

    You gotta PRE-THINK of EVERY situation or you will HESITATE, make the WRONG choice and be DEAD.

    Think of the person who breaks into your home. They have already decided to enter a home that does NOT belong to them. If you do NOT kill them quickly, they may actually be a serial killer and you were number 23. Kill them quickly, and don’t stop to think that this was their “first” criminal act. Even the 14 year old thugs can be killers, rapists and arsonists.

    Go have a boating accident, or some other method to get some of your “goodies” OUT of your buildings so if the building is searched or BURNED, you won’t lose everything. (another simple step of PRE-THINKING and PRE planning.)

    The day may come, when we actually are forced by desperate things, to be consuming “Long Pig” for food. Perhaps a bit of BBQ sauce and Lowery’s Seasoning Salt, etc will help?

    In EVERY desperate time in history, people will eat anything that grows or moves.
    The Serbian/Kosovo war, Venezuela today, Europe during both world wars, the American “Great Depression”, The Donner Party stuck in Donner Pass winter (cannibalism), becalmed ships in the Sargasso Sea, and So many besieged towns and castles during wars or disease.

    Never say never.

    • Eric

      Craig, never give silver away without thinking carefully first.

      Every time I have, I am called Fort Knox, the rich guy, the bank, Scrooge McDuck, Daddy Warbucks, etc.

      Give them cash if you have to give away some form of money, unless it’s a special gift or a donation to charity.

      If they can’t figure out the obvious and spent their life never delaying gratification, they do not deserve silver.

      It’s more important people learn the lessons they need to learn than whether they survive like they’re used to.

      Not eating for one day isn’t going to kill most Americans who are too fat already.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Eric, I’m NOT talking about giving away silver at the current time when things appear normal and people are idiots about the coming crisis.

        I’m talking about when people are beginning to starve, and FIAT money is losing value so fast (PM’s rising so fast) that nobody will be ignoring the PM’s anymore.

        When Silver is $200/ounce and gaining $30-50 per week, it won’t do any good to give away any kind of fiat. I’m talking about the days when the ONLY form of exchange besides a day’s labor, or food, will be the PM’s.

        But I think you already knew that too.

        I’ve already LONG ago reached the sad conclusion that 99% of the world out there, is totally clueless about PM’s and “Fiat FRN’s, Pounds, Euros, etc”.

        I gave up trying to educate my own family into doing the right things or about helping them to understand all this stuff.

        They’re gonna wake up real quick, just like Jim Willie’s family when the paper wealth accounts are vaporized, or won’t even fill up the car, and the grocery stores are all empty.

        That’s the day that I’m talking about. When an ounce of silver will pay for an entire week (or even a month) of “full belly” living.

        Until that day arrives, I’m probably not lifting a finger for those idiots.

  • F16hoser

    Let ’em go. I’ve talked to them until I was blue in the face. Screw ’em…
    Ok, having said that, I’ll do all I can for them but they get what’s left. My wife and kids come first. Nuff said.

  • Not to worry , they will be at your front door asking , then demanding help …followed by their friends that they made fun of you to !

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