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WEB BOT UPDATE: Silver To Soar Past $38 in July, And Keep On Going?!

NOTE: The update about silver, gold & bitcoin begins at 2:10.

from clif high:

“16 days in July” starting on the 12th. The silver, gold, bitcoin fireworks are about to begin. When Bitcoin goes through $1,000… buckle up.

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93 comments to WEB BOT UPDATE: Silver To Soar Past $38 in July, And Keep On Going?!

  • Eric

    With 740 different cryptocurrencies to choose from, I’d say Silver is special and worth far more than just bitcoin.

    • fonestar

      740 cryptocurrencies and the only 1 important one is Bitcoin.

      • Eric

        What makes it so important?

        Litecoin can process transactions faster than bitcoin.

        • There are 131 elements on the Periodic Table. Most of those are metals. Fewer are noble metals, and fewer still serve a monetary function.

          So what makes gold and silver so important? Aside from their unique physical properties, a history of perceived value and a network of buyers and sellers that provide maximum liquidity keep the monetary metals going.

          DASH processes transactions faster than any other coin and has some pretty killer anonymity features, to boot. It’s a technically better “money” than BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any of the other half-baked spin-off coins. But few merchants accept payment in these and there are virtually no fiat exchanges for them.

          The same reason most people don’t own (NameYour)Coin is the same reason they don’t own Rhodium, or even Palladium. Maybe it’s worth something, but how is one to sell it? Very low liquidity. Lots of metals could have been chosen as “premier” monies over the course of history, just as lots of cryptos could be chosen for that title. But the market has spoken and, for now, BTC, gold, and silver are the choice of humanity.

          • Eric

            That’s what I’m talking about.

            But fonestar was referring to bitcoin as the only important crypto-currency which is just laughable when there are so many others.

            I have quite a few palladium maples I am honestly not sure what to do with. I’ll probably just keep them in the treasure chest and pass them down the road eventually.

            I have been happy with BitGold so far and while I know it still operates on SWIFT, it is rising in popularity as fast as Facebook did. Gold cannot be transferred from the Dubai vault to other vaults, but other than that I find it pretty nifty that I can store Gold in HK, Singapore, Zurich, Toronto, London, NY, Dubai and measure my wealth in weights and measures rather than just blips or digits.

            I’ll never like BTC. Even if it does go to the moon. I’d rather have one of these…

  • colin

    741 now, ive made my own bitcoin today, i will accpet 1oz of gold for my special richcoins. email me if u want to trade.

  • NIX

    Clif is entertaining i like him,

  • Tim

    I watched this yesterday. Does anyone know anything about this guy? Does he have any credibility? Predicting that silver will nearly double before the end of this month is a very bold call. I’d be delighted if it happened, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • Millicent Sounds like another BS artist to me…

      • Frank

        Don’t be so quick to judge. I was first introduced to Clif Highs work and the web bots back in 1995 and have followed it on a regular basis since then. His web bot predictions are definitely better than chance and he has had many spectacular hits over the years one of the most spectacular hits was his prediction of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami months before the event and even nailed the exact death toll. He also picked up on a major event coming which turned out to be 9/11 but didn’t have a clear interpretation of his data at the time other than something big was pending. Clif would be the first to admit this his web bots are not perfect but they are better than chance predictions and he also admits that the biggest problem he encounters is with interpreting the data that is mined and also the fact that multiple overlapping occurrences can blend together and muddy or distort the picture. Timing also tends to be problematic where predicted events do take place only not in the predicted time frame yet often they are spectacularly accurate. Clif is definitely not a charlatan and I’ve found him to be an extremely intelligent decent person.

        • Eric

          Millicent is always quick to judge.

        • I too have followed the web bot, (though not nearly as long as yourself) largely for the purposes of entertainment. His grandiose predictions of a “Global Coastal Event” and hitching his bandwagon to the 2012 BS as well as the nutter disinfo whore known as David Wilcock significantly decreased my interest. Which is good, because the web bot, like Wilcock’s “visions,” ended up being a complete waste of time for a few years, as none of this ridiculousness came to pass.

          Since, Clif has made many public statements criticizing the “Remote Viewing” PSYOP and severed all ties with ’em. Perhaps not coincidentally, this is also when the web bot started getting interesting again.

          It was the predicted collapse of the Kennecott Mine that piqued my interest in HalfPastHuman after a terrible first impression. That prediction was almost to the day, and with such stunning accuracy I decided to dip my toe back into woo-woo world. The web bot has been on FIRE recently, (as in the past year and a half or so) especially with regard to BTC price action.

          While its silver calls have been incredibly inaccurate by comparison, the “Limit Up” days of Summer seem to be coming to fruition to some extent…

    • Don

      Clif discovered slight correlation between words humans use and future happenings. He is admittedly slightly better than chance. Plenty of youtubes out there explaining it. That said, he has absolutely nailed btc price and hardly ever gets ag price right. Lol.
      But that’s ok, math, truth and history are on ag/au side.

  • fonestar

    Clif just shows what I’ve been saying all along…. the more intelligent and astute moved into Bitcoin back in 2011 or earlier. The dullards in the class (SGT/ZH people) are still struggling with the course material 5 years later.

    • SGT

      fonestar, you don’t make friends easily do you?

      • fonestar

        Haha.. no I do not! But I doubt anyone would not get pissed off explaining the same stuff OVER and OVER again for half a decade!

        (PS… the reason we picked up on Bitcoin so easily because those of us “pirate” “warez” and “hacker” types saw this movie before when it was called BITTORRENT!)

        • Eric

          What movie were you watching when it was called GOLD?

          The more intelligent and astute were buying real assets. Not mickey mouse digital tokens.

      • Allender

        Why feed the troll?

        • fonestar

          Explain how I am “trolling”? I have been saying the same damn thing about Bitcoin since 2011 and so far I have been… um, roughly 95% right. I did expect Bitcoin would be a little higher by now but $700 USD is nothing to shake a stick at either.

          For the record, fonestar has *ALWAYS* said that introducing a deflationary, decentralized currency like Bitcoin into the wild will grow, and grow and grow, and grow some more… until it eventually tears a hole in the fiat universe.

          The “dollar” will not survive and neither will your country. But Bitcoin will survive and a single Bitcoin will purchase what millions of dollars do today.

      • Frank

        fonestar definitely seems to stir things up but I guess you will always have your haters and skeptics. I think he makes some valid points about Bitcoin and I confess that I also purchased some that I held for a couple of years and just recently spent them on a Silver bullion purchase making a nice $1,000 profit as my Bitcoins had appreciated by that amount while I held them. I found a Bullion dealer who accepts Bitcoin and the purchase using BitPay was as easy and simple as using PayPal. Bitcoin does have a big disadvantage if you are not tech savvy as my wife learned a painful lesson when the hard drive on her laptop became corrupted preventing her old Bitcoin Wallet software from loading and upgrading her blockchain. She did not have a backup and didn’t even know how to at the time she bought them so goodbye $5,200 current value although they cost her less than $1,000 at the time she bough them

        • fonestar

          Frank, you make a good point. If you don’t know what you are doing and are not comfortable doing proper file backups Bitcoin is probably not for you.

          Does your wife still have the old drive? It is possible to retrieve data sometimes from a damaged drive and $5,000 worth of BTC it is worth trying.

          • Frank

            My wife bought a new laptop and gave the one with the corrupted hard drive to my son in-law who is very tech savvy having worked for an HP call center. He is currently busy and away from home on a 3 month work assignment but offered to try to recover them when he gets home. He also wondered about running Linux on the laptop to retrieve the blockchain. He has been hanging out in Bitcoin forums trying to get technical advice from the power users.

            • fonestar

              No, don’t waste time if he doesn’t know what he is doing. It’s NOT the Blockchain he wants to get!

              He only needs to get one file off the drive: wallet.dat

              It should be located at: C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\BitCoin

              If it’s a dying hard drive, you have LIMITED amounts of tries before the disk is totally unreadable. So it should be done by someone who knows what they are doing and can do it quickly and precisely.

              • Eric

                Sounds like a pain in the ass.

                I’ve got a huge box full of hard drives if you want to try and recover the data off them.

              • Frank

                Thanks for that info fonestar. Several months ago I contacted someone in a Bitcoin club in the computer department at a local university looking for some help to retrieve the Bitcoins and they got back to me offering to help if I brought them the laptop but I would have a 2 hour drive to meet up with them. Will contact them again and see if they are still willing to help. He also mentioned the wallet.dat file when we talked but I could not find it after several search attempts so then gave laptop to son in-law. If we can successfully retrieve the file what do you do with it?

                • fonestar

                  Frank, if you manage to get wallet.dat off the old drive you can simply import it into a new client, update the blockchain and you are good to go. I’ve done it several times switching computers and it’s not too hard.

                  Again, I can’t stress this enough… DO NOT fire up that old drive thinking you are going to have a “look-see and poke around” for that file! I’ve had lots of drives that are failing boot up 1 more time, 2 more times but NOT 3 times. When you do fire it up, it should be a professional doing it that knows exactly what to do, where to go for that file.

                  And remember, if your wife encrypted her wallet it will still be using the same passphrase when she imports the wallet to the new client. Good luck!

    • Silver Shield

      Charles Ponzi wrote the book 90 years ago…

      • mike

        “Only BTC is money nothing else”-Mike

        It is the anti ponzi and can not be manipulated by governments like PMs and paper currency…The CIA does not control it. That is what the CIA wants the dullards to think I am sure. The CIA probably would like people to think they are all things. You should embrace BTC since it is the only money on earth the can not be controlled by government or banks and the only real stake in the heart of the vampire squid. The Squid grew strong when backed by PMs and became so strong and almost unstoppable until BTC arrived….It can completely circumvent the squid and starve it…Anyway sorry for your complete lack of foresight…The world goes on.

        • fonestar

          Good points Mike! When you think of it, Bitcoin is about as far away from “a ponzi” as you can get! Everything is on the ledger and it’s available to everyone at anytime.

          • Eric

            new suckers come in and buy at overvalued prices while old suckers unload at a profit. A pyramid scheme is technically more accurate.

            Neither of you 2 has the slightest clue about what money is.

          • Johny Comelately

            The far right and extreme leftists ideology are hard to distinguish. They are simply two overlapping points on the same circle, but going in a different direction. I find it cute that you call Bitcoin an “anti-ponzi scheme.”

        • some guy

          “It is the anti ponzi and can not be manipulated by governments”

          The network is almost choked now. What’s to stop anyone from flooding the network with massive numbers of small transactions and break it completely?

        • Eric

          At least mike and fonestar can pay 1% more for their Gold using worthless decentralized unbacked unregulated currency.

          Assuming there is still any available of course.

          One of these days mike will learn what money is when he can’t find his wallet.

        • Eric

          β€œOnly BTC is money nothing else”-Mike

          I find it strange how Mike is the only one that says this.

          • fonestar

            Only Bitcoin is money.

            • Eric

              By what measure? There has never been and will never be a ‘bitcoin standard.’

              • mike

                Well all Gold and silver standards have been an epic failure..Easily manipulated causing all your past gold standards to fail. Pms had a 5000 year history of money and always failed, that is the definition of insanity..repeat repeat. Why are they not money now? People can get as much as they want, PMs are in abundance. Mines can mine it for virtually nothing and even primary silver miners for example can mine it for $10/oz (Which actually means $1 an oz)..That is far less than your lord and savior SRS Rocco reports of $19-$25 an oz due to his ridiculous energy calculations based on gubberment mining numbers. He does terrible work because he doesn’t actually do any work, he just relies on others numbers instead of actually doing an independent audit. Retarded Cris Duane reports silver extinct in the ground by 2020 base on guess what? A Bureaucrat at the geological surveys numbers lol even though there is currently 25 years of proven reserves and that grows everyday?? You own a bunch of PMs why can you not spend them if they are money? Only BTC is money period. Everything else is just the illusion of money. Is it possible gubberments will take us down the road of failed PM standard in the future? Sure, they are gubberment and can do nothing right and never learn the lessons of history. BTC on the other hand is not owned, created or controlled by gubberments or banks like PMs. It is the only true functioning decentralized money on earth owned, mined and controlled by individuals.. The market is clearly choosing BTC over all others. I do not control the market it is a law unto its own…Try not to be such a dolt Eric.

                • fonestar

                  You can look at gold standards and fiat standards both as being failures. They “fail” back into one another. Both are prone to hoarding, concealment, obfuscation and manipulation. It’s clear that Bitcoin is more “honest” than both fiat and gold in that regards.

                  I will say that gold is honest money but “gold standards” are inherently dishonest. As soon as you have “government” making a “standard” you should run, not walk away. If you want to use gold as money that’s fine but government should have no part in it.

                • mike

                  I think at some point you might be able to trade PMs for things but there will be lots of items you will be able to barter with. I do not think PMs will ever be money again for many reasons I have stated before. An asset, yes perhaps..Money? No it will not in work in the modern world unless there are bullion clearing banks and the gold is digitized so you can spend it. That would just open the door for the same old manipulation. I think we have gone too far as humans and believe people like civilization. Even if the dollar fails infrastructure will still exist and no one is going to want to be a slave to Eric. BTC will exist after a dollar failure and I believe has the potential to take over the functions of all currency around the world. The market may ultimately choose laundry detergent or a different crypto as money in the future who knows? I do know right now BTC has the best chance of all things.

                • Eric

                  And yet somehow Gold and Silver still survive and are in demand today.

                  Mike I really don’t understand how you can fit so many words through your butthole. How do you do it?

                  And I don’t know why you aren’t mining it since you say you can mine it for “virtually nothing.” You could mine silver for nothing as you say, sell it to market, and buy up the remaining bitcoins. Why aren’t you doing this?

                  Oh I know why. Because you like to make stuff up to fit your paradigm. Good luck with that.

                  As for PM’s, and “standards,” Gold and Silver have always preserved one’s purchasing power. 80% moves in bitcoin do not make it a sound currency and with no long term store of value, it definitely isn’t money.

                  BTC is the ghost of currency.

        • Silver Shield

          All Ponzi schemes have the same traits.
          1. Take something (or nothing in this case) that has NO INTRINSIC VALUE.
          2. Promote the PERCEIVED VALUE to the greater fool.
          3. Sell for REAL VALUE.

          • fonestar

            Ponzi schemes (like GLD & SLV) mask the real, actual holdings of a company from the investor.

            Bitcoin is not a company. Bitcoin does not rely on new buyers. The amount of Bitcoin mined is viewable to everyone on Earth….. And Chris Duane has no clue what he is talking about.

            • mike

              If that is really Cris Duane your talking to Fonestar he would be insane if he actually believed his own BS jibber jabber, he doesn’t. He sells his rounds for dirty dollars instead of keeping his “Money”..He then and attacks the only true decentralize money in the world. He is only interested in the current dollar paradigm and supports it with all his heart. BTC is the only money that can truly pierce heart of the squid. Chris is at his core a car salesman, a psychopath..Eric is a disciple of Duane, I would bet if Eric went to Chris Duane’s car lot 2 minutes later Eric would be the proud owner of a CLASSIC 1972 VW super beetle for the low low price of 50k…He might even get some complimentary sbss rounds with every purchase.

              • KRELL427

                The worst thing about bubbles is, for a short amount of time idiots think they are smart.

              • Eric

                Except BTC is not money. It’s a digital pyramid scheme designed to keep you from accumulating real money (Gold and Silver) so the bankers can keep their fiat ponzi scheme going a little while longer.

                The worst thing about making assumptions all the time is that once in a while you have to be right about something, otherwise you prove you are the fool who got fooled.

                • mike

                  Your the one assuming pms are money? They can even serve the most fundamental basic aspect of money and spend..The new paradigm is here fool…Better sell your PMs for BTC.

                • Eric

                  Please pinpoint the exact moment in time during the past 6000 years when Gold and Silver stopped being money.

                  Why would any one sell something of intrinsic value for something they don’t need or want without intrinsic value?

                  “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?”
                  -Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • Silver Shield

    WebBots are Tatot Cards for nerds.

    • fonestar

      You guys are jealous that Bitcoin has been (and will continue) to steal teh show from Gold & Silver. And Bitcoin deserves the publicity too. It’s really been the Bitcoiners who have been going out, taking it to the street, pushing the issue and getting people to ask “what exactly is money”?

      Several of us Bitcoiners (myself included) have told our employers that we would rather be paid in Bitcoin than “dollars”. How many “stackers” can say that?


      • Eric

        Steal the show. That is putting pure ego in the driver’s seat.

        I believe Ron Paul was getting people to ask what exactly is money long long long before bitcoin came along.

        Stackers do not wish to be paid in bitcoin. They are smarter than that.

        Satoshi Nakamoto = Central Intelligence

      • Silver Shield

        Yes just like the other digital illusion, bankster scam the Silver and Gold ETF…
        Bitcon has no doubt siphoned a ton of investment and attention from the only real solution in silver.
        The great thing for stackers is we got a few more years to stack more for less.

        Bitcon only has EXCHANGE VALUE (and doesn’t even do that very well with volatile prices, lag times, centralized wallets that get robbed, and most often no anonymity.)

        Bitcon has yet to live through one financial crisis…

        Silver has a 5,000 year history of EXCHANGE VALUE but has something you Bitconners know nothing about… USE VALUE.
        Real wealth is worth something even without exchange value.
        Silver has an estimated 10,000 uses and is the second most versatile commodity next to oil which in a post petro dollar age will become even more valuable.

        So thank you Blythe. Thank you JP Morgan. Thank you CIA. Thank you Fonestar. πŸ˜‰

        I have enjoyed stacking more for less and I am ready for the ride.

        • fonestar

          Bitcoin has siphoned lots of money from going into physical gold and physical silver. Good.

          The reason it has done this is because it is the superior product for transferring wealth around the globe. Gold and silver cannot be sent instantaneously around the globe with almost no fees. And you will NEVER be able to do that with gold & silver either. And any such system that attempted that would need to be CENTRALIZED (vaults filled with gold bars) by nature.

          • Eric

            With BitGold, one can transfer real tangible wealth to any other BitGold user stored in the vault and city of their choice with a very low fee.

            Bitcoin was cool for about a year or 2, but it’s become the dinosaur of money. πŸ™‚

  • Steve_D

    People want certainty in an uncertain world, you’ve always had those who sell their visions / readings to the gullible to enrich themselves.

    The truth is no one knows what’s around the corner, all we can do is make an educated guess.

  • Moishe

    I think web bot is dyslexic $83.00/OZ

  • glitter 1

    Here’s an e-mail I sent to a friend on Tuesday July 5th relative to some Silver stocks:

    On Jul 5, 2016, at 4:00 PM, wrote:

    This is a chart for Silver Corp(SVMLFf) today up $.44 / 19% from close on Friday:

    In a message dated 7/2/2016 4:10:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

    SLW was at $10.50 on January 15 2016,it closed Friday at $24.78

    CDE was at $1.62 on January 15,it closed Friday at $11.26.

    Paas was at $5.38 on January 15,it closed Friday at $17.40.

    SSRI was at $3.66 on January 15,it closed Friday at $13.58.

    SVM was at $.41 on January 15,it closed Friday at $2.27.It was delisted from NYSE in 2015 because it fell below $1.00.It trades in Toronto as svmlf.I’m sure it will come back to the NYSE.I’m sure they are waiting till it gains a bit more strength.The chart(reverse head & shoulders pattern) tells me it ready to jump and double into the summer.This was a $16 stock in 2011.With silver headed to three figures it a latent 10 bagger.

    SLW peaked at ~ $45.00 in 2011,it’s easily going to double that and more.

    The closing prices of all these stocks on Friday July 8th are considerably higher and show signs of entering another up channel.SVNLF is up over 500% in six months.I know it’s 500% in FRN’s,but until they are replaced they can still be used to purchase goods and services.

    “In the end the only thing left standing will be Gold,Silver and related items” – Bob Chapman

    • Eric

      I can’t remember because it seems like 20 years ago but I remember Silvercorp had some issues a few years back.

      Stick with quality.

      First Majestic, Tahoe Resources, Silver Wheaton, Silver Standard, Fortuna Silver, Great Panther, etc.

      Happy to provide others if those get boring.

      • glitter 1

        Yes,Silvercorp was sued by a Firm/hedge fund,who claimed it misrepresented it’s accounting.It is a junior producer of >5 million ozs a year with new mines coming on line/increasing total out put.It paid a good dividend up until last fall when it was suspended due to the price collapse.It still currently has a low all-in cost structure/increasing output along with a strong/high cash position.Most of their properties are in China and producing metal.
        Just as the hedge fund sued for misrepresentation claims,SC also claimed that some large player was shorting the stock unmercifully,which I believe they were a target during the PM take down.I think the company fundamentals are strong and improving as the price recovers.I have no doubt it will be reflected in the share price,just like it has since the beginning of 2016.The share price is leading all other so far this year.Wish I had more of it.

        When Silver really starts cooking,they all will reflect it.Think about it,with three digit Silver coming,these company share prices will become life changing.I’ve been all-in for 15years,I’m still way ahead over where I would be if I was in the DOW/S&P/Nasdaq.I fully expect I will not only be back to where I was in 2011,but will shoot way past it. I’ve been right and sitting tight. Timing/entry point is very important,which most haven’t a clue.Should be an exciting second half of 2016 into 2017.

  • Troy

    If silver goes to the moon, I’m rich bitches!!! The only thing I can think of to do with the money would be to buy land…maybe a GTO or a Chevelle. I bought a bunch at $14, and quit as soon as it went to $15 plus. Glad it did go to $14, cause I sold most of my silver in 2011-2012 and needed to build my stack again. People got pissed when silver went that low, I was lovin it…what a gift that was. Thanks Goldman Sachs!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Silver at $40 / ounce and HIGHER? It makes me feel like CELEBRATING.

    Here is some great music.
    Wooly Bully=
    (from a Live concert in 2000- pretty darn GOOD.)

    This (Europe concert) looks like it was Fantastic- The RUSSIAN Red Army Choir & the Lenningrad Cowboys doing a CLEVER mix of ZZ TOP, Hillbilly-Square dancing Russian ladies, and a religious chorus mixed together and you just can’t sit still if you’ve got the volume turned up a bit.

    (there is a few more fantastic songs they do: “Sweet Home Alabama”, and “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” which includes the Russian women’s airforce or other service branch singing (in uniform too). Check them out, it’s great fun. (and a remake of Tom Jone’s “Delilah”)

  • GoldTooth999

    $38 is low balling it given the dire situation of world economics these days. $83 seems conservative. BTC is just the pre-game show.

    • fonestar

      Bitcoin is going to be the star attraction of the economic collapse.

      • Eric

        99.9% of the population has never heard of bitcoin and sees no need for it.

        • Silver Shield

          You forgot a .0999…
          It’s more like 99.9999%

        • mike

          99.9% of the population has no clue about PMs. Is the world going to instantly devolve into dirt farmers over night? Is our entire civilization including infrastructure going to disappear over night? Are farmers going to stop growing food? Are Machines going sprout wings and fly away? If so go 100% into PMs so you can have 100000 slaves to work your fields for 1/10th oz of silver and toil all day to do the work 1 tractor could do.
          You need to get a clue. We live in a modern world that is not going anywhere. Money does not need to be backed by anything at all as long as it is accepted as money, that is the very definition of money. PMs are an asset not money. Money spends PMs do not. You wait for PMs to go up in value in terms of money. You will trade your PMs for money at some point so you can stuff your pie hole.
          Chris Duane sells his PM silver money for some paper promise of money? Or does he sell his rounds for real money aka dirty dollars then feeds his pie hole with his profits?…Remember when silver was going down in 2013 and he delayed shipping for months? Why was he trying to steal money by you paying a higher price then waiting for silver to go down to produce then ship your rounds? He did it for the $$$$ Dollar dollar bills….Why would anyone part with their silver if it was money? Chris Duane would love to part with as many OZs as you can afford to buy off him with your dirty dollars.

          • fonestar

            The SGT/ZH crew are effectively betting that:

            A – Civilization will totally collapse all around planet Earth
            B – They will survive and kill all the “zombies” with their AR15
            C – A few other good people might survive that will accept their gold & silver coins
            D – Everyone smart enough to build transformers, power distribution centers, etc dies
            E – Nobody who lives sees the point in rebuilding, they sit around or hunt dogs & cats
            F – The bankers will magically rise again from their DUMB bases and regain control
            G – Then the bankers enslave and kill them all anyway (SGT/ZH’ers are major defeatists)

            • KRELL427

              You read too many comic books.

            • mike

              Then nothing can save any of us..We are all completely screwed. Going to sell all my BTC and PMs now to buy a bunker and a VW sandrail car oh and bleach so I can beach my hair to become a proper road warrior. Maybe I will strap Krell or Eric to the front bumper?

            • Eric

              The SGT/ZH crew is comfortable knowing their wealth will survive and be transferred into future paradigms, whatever they may be. They aren’t gambling or “betting” on goofy gimmicks like pyramid schemes or “crypto-currencies.”

              mike, I’d like to see you try that. But I don’t think you can purchase a VW sandrail car with Bitcoin. I doubt you’ll get past my doorstep either.

          • Moishe

            Mike, what is your point??? SS is a hypocrite or fraud? I want to hear from duane.

  • schlomo

    we’re listening to a guy in a rusted out 1973 VW van who can’t afford a shirt with sleeves?

    • Craig Escaped Detroit


      Hahaha….that’s a pretty accurate observation about Clif being something of an eccentric, but I think I’d prefer to listen to what Clif has to say, rather than a Goldman-Sachs guy wearing an Armani Suit, silk tie and $1000 shoes.

      I also prefer Clif, over most politicians, such as… Barrack Obama (another suit and tie kinda guy).

      My local farmer never wears a suit, and yet he’s filled with plenty of uncommonly GOOD sense and a great sense of humor.

      Wow. A 1973 VW? I like the idea of a car that’s easy to work on and has NO electronic controls to confuse the repair diagnostic mechanical approach.

      I wish I could get a hold of an older car or pickup with rear wheel drive with a straight 6.

      Not just the smaller engines, but also really liked the 300 cubic inch straight 6’s. That was a good strong engine & most reliable pickup engines I’ve ever seen. And SO easy to work on it and PLENTY of space under the hood to get access to everything, or even bolt in an extra battery tray and a steel TOOL box under the hood.

      Talk about your ideal BUG OUT truck, you’d even have room for a SPARE PARTS box under the hood.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Here’s a private plane I’d really like, even better than a private Jet, is the Avanti EVO (the version in the video is NOT the updated EVO).

    The EVO version of this, is FASTER, Quieter and has longer range.

    These are the FASTEST Turbo props in the world. Cruising speed is 450 MPH or a bit faster.
    Sips about 40% less fuel than a jet would consume.

    Turbo props don’t need all the warmup time of a jet. Fire it up and get going.

    Quiet because the pusher props are behind the cabin. Carries up to 11 passengers.

    They make a military version with larger wings, longer longer range, more speed, etc, but it’s not setup for passengers or comfort. (I do prefer the idea of larger wing surface to reduce wing loading, even at the expense of added drag.)

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