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WARNING: What You Are About To See Will Deeply Disturb You — Man Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop In Minnesota, His Girlfriend Streamed The Aftermath LIVE on Facebook

from Zero Hedge:

A man identified as Philando Castile, 32, was shot and killed during a traffic stop Wednesday evening in Falcon Heights, Minnesota that could spark yet another round of social unrest throughout the nation.

St. Anthony Police chief Jon Mangseth said the incident began when an officer from his agency initiated a traffic stop around 9pm, and at some point an officer fired, striking the man. Mangseth said he didn’t know what the reason was, and police didn’t say what led to the shooting. Castile’s girlfriend and a 7-year old child were also in the car when the incident took place, and the girlfriend allegedly started to live stream the incident on Facebook as it started to unfold. Mangseth said he had been “made aware there was a live stream on Facebook” but said he hadn’t yet seen the video and didn’t know anything about its contents.

According to the WSJ, the video shows a woman sitting in a car with a man slumped in a seat wearing a shirt that appeared to be soaked in blood. A person who appeared to be an armed police officer stood at the car’s window. The woman can be heard saying “we got pulled over for a busted taillight.” And the officer tells her to keep her hands up, and says “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand out.

You shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, sir” the woman responds.

The girlfriend says the man was licensed to carry a gun and was trying to get his ID and wallet when the officer shot him – police say a handgun was recovered from the scene.

According to the StarTribune, the 10-minute video shows the girlfriend being ordered from her car by several officers, one of whom is holding a child. “Please don’t tell me my boyfriend’s gone.” the girlfriend pleads in the video,. “He don’t deserve this, please. He works for St. Paul Public Schools. He’s never been in jail, anything. He’s not a gang member, anything.” At one point the young girl can be heard saying “I’m scared, mommy.”

Police just shot my boyfriend for no apparent reason.” the woman says.

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25 comments to WARNING: What You Are About To See Will Deeply Disturb You — Man Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop In Minnesota, His Girlfriend Streamed The Aftermath LIVE on Facebook

  • SGT

    willy, I deleted your comment because it was completely unfounded. I live near where this occurred and I can assure you that Castile was indeed murdered by the cop. He is dead now. This is NOT “fake”.

    • some guy

      I’m not disputing you Sean, but can you elaborate on how you know the story is true?

    • thinking outside the matrix

      This event will be used to centralize the police force as I predicted 2 yrs ago with the Michael Brown shooting. The Goal is to centralize all authority to the Federal Government in turn the Federal Government will hand the authority to the United Nations at some point.

    • Howard Roark

      Wow, Sean, really? Dimiss it just like that because you live just East and North of St. Paul on the Wisconsin border?

      Are you watching the teevee this evening? More of this erupting in Dallas etc…? You didn’t fine this woman’s calm demeanor given the situation rather strange…and that she was LIVE STREAMING it and was permitted to, even while handcuffed…really, REALLY?

      To again repeat the question…”can you elaborate on how you know the story is true?”

  • willygroper

    i didn’t say no one died. didja see the body?

    he worked in a school cafeteria, yet the cell phone video clearly shows the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

    guess he works/ed for usps on his 2nd job.

    so no child crying nor tears from the videographer that is allowed to keep recording is idiotic?

    i understand some folks died @ the Pulse too…just wasn’t by the person they claimed.

    itchur blog

    • SGT

      I revised my comment to remove the word “idiotic” which was uncalled for. Some tragic events are 100% genuine folks. Militarized cops ARE trigger happy and they DO kill innocent people frequently in this country… and then they get off nearly every single time.

      • willygroper

        i don’t disagree on the militarized pol’s.

        the way i see it, this a pol hating knee jerk emotionally conditioned response. i also see a new “racial” angle…the cop was “chinese.” UN?

        there’s not a child on this planet within such a close proximity of 4 gunshots that would not be screaming their head off, mirrored cell phone image or not.

      • some guy

        Again, how do you know that this event is 100% genuine? Or that Castille was murdered by the cop? I wouldn’t be surprised either way but what I’m asking is how you can say that you know.

    • Millicent

      RH drive cars are very rare in Amerika…

    • Sayldog

      Front cams on phones result in mirror image, hence the steering wheel location in vid.

      • hal

        Im not so sure. They are facing forward and he is on the right side of the car. Maybe Im mistaken, but I dont think the mirroring will cause this. Perhaps I will experiment. It doesnt conclude anything, of course, just seems odd.

        Also when did the daughter get out? Between the time he got shot and the recording started? They let her go with the cops that just shot him or what?

          • Hal

            Well i tried on my phone (in the car) and i am clearly in the left side behind the wheel no matter which way i flip it. I would have to see some evidence of this, which maybe exists.

            • The Truth

              I did it on my iphone and the image is clearly in reverse. My wife was on my left when I filmed it and when we played it back, she was on my right. You have to make the camera face towards you, just like the woman was doing.

              • Hal

                I too used an iphone and faced the camera, both ways. Never does it show me in the rigjt side along with rhe steering wheel, as is appears in the clip.

                • Millicent

                  Since SGT “lives close” to the shooting scene then I suggest that he visits the coroner that examined the body, request a copy of his report and ask him what side the guy was shot from… That will answer the question… perhaps.

  • hal

    Also interesting that she states right away that they killed her boyfriend, well before he would have died. Perhaps a heat of the moment slip.

  • Marshall

    Part of being a conceal carry (cc) person included the understanding of the issue we present to the police being armed. A cc person knows that they must do over and above the unarmed citizens to prevent an accident, which might have occurred here.

    If we inform an officer that we are carrying, we must expect to not move our hands/arms unless instructed by the officer, and then, to only move them slowly and with permission. IE: “Officer, my wallet is in my rear pocket. Is it OK if I reach slowly into my rear pocket to retrieve my wallet?”

    Again, this is only for CC holders who are carrying. We carry this extra burden, for the protection of both ourselves and the officer.

    If this was an honest cop, for his sake, I hope he was wearing a mic, and or a body cam. If so, the voice recording will clear up exactly what happened and if the officer was instructing the male not to move. If this is a dishonest officer, and overly trigger happy, then it is a very sad day for the family and loved ones of this man. The officer should be removed and charged.

    As a cc holder, this is what I expect, to meet this higher standard.

  • Steve_D

    Wonder if Obama campaigns to remove guns from the Police?

  • willygroper

    farcebook is another tell.

    has it been removed or is this acceptable?

    censorship anyone?

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