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US Government/Central Bankers Fictional Economy Is Coming To An End – Episode 1033a

from X22Report:

Gold jumps after Fed speaks about the economy. US luxury market declining, lower wages fewer people to purchase or rent. Pending home sales decline. Mortgage applications decline 11%. Durable goods decline and the economy indicators continually get worse. Baltic Dry Index is now at 679 and falling.

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1 comment to US Government/Central Bankers Fictional Economy Is Coming To An End – Episode 1033a

  • Randy

    Once again now, he’s spot on!! When the idiots who thought that they could have real prosperity and financial growth and stability by using a fiat paper currency system finally wake up to empty cupboards and empty bank accounts, it will be far too late for them to do a damned thing about it! FOOLS!! Don’t say that you weren’t warned of this happening, because the alarm bells have been sounding and ringing in our ears since 1971 and even before then! It has been building to a crescendo since 1913 when the federal reserve was allowed to hijack our banking system in order to create enormous profits for the few at the expense of everyone else. But even those who were behind the scam will lose everything too, when the computers that are used to keep track of wealth these days go cold due to not enough electricity to keep society running.
    The fiat paper currency system has a built in self-destruct mechanism, which we call inflation. Inflation is the gradual decrease in the perceived purchasing power of the fiat paper currency and electronic bookkeeping entries. It makes it imperative that the fiat paper and electronic bookkeeping entries are expanded more and more, which causes more and more inflation. The bubble of all bubbles will finally pop, and when it does, the explosion will knock EVERYTHING down. Down to ground level everywhere you may care to look.

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