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Trump 2016 Election & The World’s Gold Reserves – – Karen Hudes

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5 comments to Trump 2016 Election & The World’s Gold Reserves – – Karen Hudes

  • windrunner56

    Karen Hudes has GOT to be the siamese twin of Benjamin Fulford. Extreme insiders who look like homeless wrecks. This woman has been wrestling with the Corporate controllers of the world since….

    I don’t know but it sure seems a little far fetched to me. Trump snubbing a Gold Standard, she has that access??? No election cuz the US has been under Martial Law since 1861??? General Dumbford is well….dumb!! I believe the Matrix part, but one not be the ex council of the World bank for that.

    Entertaining listening though. Daniel Amenduri is pretty smart, maybe he has access to something. Just don’t know….

    • anon

      +1, windrunner56. “Karen Hudes has GOT to be the siamese twin of Benjamin Fulford.” (You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth)

    • I highly doubt Hudes and Fulford are actually “insiders,” which goes a long way in explaining why they both look so haggard 😛

      Karen claims to be a “World Bank whistleblower,” but she’s yet to show a lick of documentation in support of ANY of her outlandish claims. In fact, she’s never even proven effectively that she was a lawyer at the World Bank at all.

      Between Karen’s completely unfounded claims about crypto-hominids, secret JFK gold in Hawaii, and Fulford’s equally unfounded “White Dragon” nonsense, they’re made for each other.

      I constantly sway between wondering whether or not Hudes, Fulford, et. al. are merely running a very similar con strictly for the purposes of personal greed or if this is a concerted disinformation campaign…

  • mike

    She is an NWO agent………I’m more sure now than ever.

  • tomche

    Interesting that you mention that Karen Hudes has GOT to be the Siamese twin of Benjamin Fulford…I was just thinking the same thing, in a detached, non-interested kind of way. Just noticing.

    Whether she is or isn’t, you gotta admit that the level of intrigue in this act of theatrical production is certainly nipping at the heals of the day-time soaps…and that level of sophistication just about matches perfectly with that of the dumbed-down, idiotic American public….self absorbed with specticle and nonsense while their Country is eviscerated…(present company excluded, of course)…IMHO

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