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Top 6 Medical Scandals the U.S. Government Hopes you Either Already Forgot or Never Even Knew About in the First Place

by S. D. Wells, Natural News:

Oh, short term memory loss – a major problem for so many Americans that it’s absolutely and positively pathetic, and what’s worse, it’s not even their fault. Horror stories are memory-holed by the government. Major scandals are simply blacked out by the mass media. The harshest lessons though, are simply forgotten by the masses, who eat and drink and are prescribed so many chemicals that they can’t even think straight on a day-to-day basis, much less remember the atrocities committed by their government and the rogue medical industry, that can simply re-inflict the same damage over and over and over again, after waiting just a few years for everyone to forget that it already happened.

Sure, most people remember and know about the Holocaust, but they don’t believe there’s one happening in America right now. Of course, people know that junk food causes major health problems, but they have no idea that prescription medications are a leading cause of death and disorder in America. For sure, Americans are terrified of infectious diseases, and rightly so. The medical industrial complex has perfected fear-mongering, and they use toxic vaccines to inject more disease and disorder that perpetuates the problem. But most people live in complete and utter denial, so they run to the nearest clinic or Walmart to get injected with more mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and monosodium glutamate. And yes, one out of every three Americans get a cell disorder “disease” that’s totally curable, and half of those people will die from that completely curable disease, without ever knowing about or trying the natural remedies that have existed and been used successfully for millennia. It’s oh so sad and just too bad.

World governments have known for 40 years that the measles vaccine causes neurological disorders that last a lifetime. How? Many vaccines contain antibiotics, and then children on antibiotics are given more vaccines, further damaging the immune system and enabling live viruses that are injected to create unnatural, hyper-immune responses that permanently damage the central nervous system and the brain.

Did you know that the goal of vaccination is not prevention of infection? It’s true. In fact, asymptomatic infection after vaccination serves to enhance and prolong immune response, which continues to attack the myelin sheath, causing chronic infection from the very live viruses that have been injected.

Have you ever heard the story of Vioxx? Probably not, yet it is the epitome of all prescription medications, and serves as a perfect example of why chemical medications almost always make health matters worse. Vioxx (rofecoxib) is a painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug prescribed to over 2 million people suffering from general pain and the stiffness of arthritis and post-surgery pain.

Sure! The side effects listed for Vioxx included abdominal pain, blood in your vomit, bloody stools, unexplained weight gain, flu-like symptoms and unusual bruising or bleeding. Still, people wanted that wonder drug to cure their bad diet, so the doctors scribbled a couple million prescriptions, and nobody asked questions. But when research by the manufacturer, Merck, was proven to have been falsified, people did start asking questions – in courtrooms, where it was decided if death from Vioxx was grounds for awarding dead patients’ families billions. According to two studies, Vioxx may have been the most dangerous drug in the history of that class of drugs.

If you have short term or long term memory loss, you better get it back, before history repeats itself, and inside your body, where you may never recover. It’s time to detoxify yourself from the chemicals that lower IQ and fuel memory loss. It’s time to read the real history of chemical medicine that’s been memory-holed from the history and medical books available to the masses. It’s time to learn and never forget the top six medical scandals the U.S. Government hopes you either already forgot or never even knew about in the first place:

#1. The 40-year measles vaccine scandal: Since 1972, the UK Government has known about the MMR vaccine’s potential to cause vaccine-induced Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE), a degenerative neurological condition that affects a child’s memory, behavior and coordination, leading to fits, blindness and eventually death.

#2. The horror story of Vioxx – one of the most dangerous drugs in history, that gave thousands of people heart problems and strokes!

#3. The insane Guatemala medical experiments done on innocent humans, where the U.S. government purposely infected men with syphilis and watched them suffer.

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