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Thug Threatens to Kill All Cops in His Home Town Tonight – Shows Gun He “Swears to God” He’ll Use

from Mark Dice:

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2 comments to Thug Threatens to Kill All Cops in His Home Town Tonight – Shows Gun He “Swears to God” He’ll Use

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Somebody needs to watch videos like this, and see if they can read the SERIAL numbers from some of those guns, RUN the numbers thru the “stolen guns database” and go make some arrests and return those weapons to the rightful owners.

    Here’s another great idea, is that I don’t see any reason WHY the rightful owners should not SUE the “illegal” holders for BACK RENT on that stolen property? Send them a bill, for $20 or $30 per day for lost rental income, etc. Kind of like how the police department vehicle towing services charge you a daily storage fee, towing fee, etc.

    Then, when the “thug” doesn’t pay the bill, bring the case into small claims court, get a default judgment against him, and use that judgment to file claims against him & his estate.

    Perhaps you can divert any income tax refunds, or capture part of Social Security payments, or tow away a CAR he’s driving, etc. (Thuggies really hate to lose their cars with the big gold rims, etc.)

    I wonder if you can claim the gold jewelry and have the local sheriff’s office go there and collect necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, nose rings, and “TeeF Grills”?

    Those idiots need to be “vasectomied”, because they never care to use “BiRF Contro” because that would slow down the FOOD STAMP income to all the ghetto Hoes.

    • Ed_B


      OK, how about this… 1 child allowed to each person for each 10 IQ points they have above 100? 😉

      Those who refuse to use birth control can jolly well pay for the results themselves.

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