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This One Event Will Boost Digital Currency Prices

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:

Today, instead of our usual market commentary, we’re sharing a recent essay that’s been extremely popular with Agora readers.

It comes from Palm Beach Letter editor and former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari. Right now, Teeka’s readers are profiting from what he believes is one of the biggest and most important trends in the market right now: digital currencies.

As you’ll see, the sector has a huge tailwind at its back right now. And as Teeka explains, it’s not too late to join in…

For the past three months, I’ve been pounding the table about digital currencies. They’ve been some of our most popular plays.

Now you may be wondering whether digital currencies are really money at all.

Here’s the truth about money: It can be anything.

Take the U.S. dollar. There’s nothing backing it up—we went off the gold standard in 1971. So, the dollar really is… just a promise… an “act of faith.”

A digital currency is no different. It’s simply internet-based money. And like any other medium of exchange, many people around the world have decided it is money.

They believe they’ll be able to use digital currencies in the future to buy stuff. That alone makes it have value.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you what’s driving up digital currency prices (like any other currency, the digital currency market fluctuates).

These Two Forces Are Driving up Digital Currency Prices

When we initially recommended the digital currencies, we wrote they were some of the best alternative investments you could make to protect yourself from low/negative interest rates and the War on Cash.

So far, our thesis has been spot on…

At the beginning of the year, the Federal Reserve indicated it would raise rates four times. And as recently as last month, at least two rate hikes were on the table.

But with the poor May U.S. jobs report and June’s Brexit (the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union), those rate hikes are now off the table.

In fact, the odds of a rate cut are now higher than those for a rate hike.

Brexit and negative interest rates are pushing investors into chaos hedges such as gold and digital currencies.

[“Chaos hedges” are protection from times of turbulence.]

The day after the Brexit vote, gold was up 5.5%, and our main digital currency recommendation was up 3%. But those jumps are just the beginning…

Why You Need to Act Now

On July 10th, one of the biggest events in the history of digital currencies took place.

The last time this event happened, it ignited a 12-month bull market—the biggest rally ever in the history of these alternative investments.

Some digital currencies soared as high as 10,284%. By comparison, it took the S&P 500 nearly 50 years to hand investors gains that big.

This extremely rare event is called the “halving.” It’s a process digital currencies use to prevent inflation. And it’s only happened once before.

Now, reading that, you might wonder: “But if July 10th has already passed, haven’t the biggest gains already come and gone?”

Not in the slightest.

In fact, I’m convinced this is only the beginning of a much longer-term trend…

Even bigger gains are in store.

Have a look…

Here’s why this rare event is so important… and should send digital currencies prices much higher over the next few months…

As you can see from the chart above, the previous halving was much more than a one-day event.

Prices for our favorite digital currency had already moved up over 100% in the six months before the halving.

Six months after the last halving in November 2013, prices were up 918%. A year after the halving, prices were up an astonishing 8,476%!

So, if you can manage to get in during the short window immediately after the halving, you can still capture the big gains from this rare event.

Now, our first digital currency isn’t the only one that will get a boost from the halving, though. Our other two plays should ride this tailwind, too.

Although I expect the halving to boost digital currency prices, potential price appreciation isn’t the only reason you need to own these currencies.

They can be a safe haven for your wealth. Let me explain…

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