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This Is What Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Fears Will Happen If He’s Handed Over to U.S. Government

from The Anti Media:

MUNICH — Despite being trapped for the past four years in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange still “stays strong” and makes plans for even more dramatic publications.

That’s the word from Sarah Harrison, the investigations editor for WikiLeaks who is perhaps best known as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s ally when he fled from Hong Kong to Moscow, where he has lived on asylum since 2013. Harrison spoke with Zain Raza, senior editor at independent media collective acTVism Munich, in a June 11 interview about Assange and the government transparency website’s future plans.

“He stays very strong. He focuses on his work a lot, and with his type of personality and work ethic this keeps him very busy and keeps him going,” Harrison told Raza. “We have a lot of good publications coming up this year, so that definitely keeps him busy.”

Last month, Assange began his fifth year of confinement at the Ecuadorean Embassy, where he took refuge in 2012 out of fear of extradition to the United States. In the interview, Harrison explained the confinement puts Assange under considerable psychological strain:
“There are very difficult conditions that he is there under. For example, he basically is in one room within what is a very small embassy in the center of London. He has no outside space, he hasn’t been able to be in the sun for four years now. So, they are tough conditions, but he works through and he stays strong.”

Assange entered the embassy on June 19, 2012 under threat of extradition to Sweden for questioning over allegations of improper sexual behavior toward two women, but details of an ongoing U.S. investigation have emerged that suggest he could face decades in prison if he were subsequently sent from Sweden to the U.S. to face trial. The Swedish government only recently agreed to question Assange inside the embassy, and in February, a United Nations panel declared his confinement to be “arbitrary detention” and urged the United Kingdom and Sweden to release him immediately.

“Sadly, those countries are not actually following the United Nations judgement, but it is still a positive move forward in his case,” Harrison said in the acTVism interview.

Harrison also criticized British foreign secretary Philip Hammond’s reaction to the U.N. panel’s ruling. Hammond rejected the ruling, saying the panel’s conclusion was “flawed in law” and “ridiculous.”

“It is very sad to me, as a British citizen, that our MPs can stand there and say that the United Nations is ridiculous,” Harrison said. “To me, that is just sad and shows how much we have diverted from the rule of law in our supposed Western democracies.”

According to Harrison, open records requests have revealed that Assange and other WikiLeaks’ employees may face charges of conspiracy as well as charges stemming from violations of the Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act — the same controversial law which led to charges against the late activist Aaron Swartz.

“We’ve seen through the history of the United States, for example, with the Chelsea Manning case, that she was given 35 years in jail and was subjected to treatment that was akin to torture. And this is what Julian can expect if he ends up in the United States,” Harrison said.

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2 comments to This Is What Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Fears Will Happen If He’s Handed Over to U.S. Government

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    The embassy where Julian is staying, should hold a big “Julian LOOK alike” party-contest every few months, and then, at some particular part of the day, EVERYBODY runs OUT of the embassy and scatters in different directions.

    Oh that would be GREAT fun (should even tape it for Youtube fun), watching all the British agents running after all the lookalikes, trying to catch the “real Julian” for extradition to the USSA.

    Eventually, at some point, Julian could actually use this to escape. Inside the embassy, they could even do some makeup enhancing, or give everybody a JULIAN face mask for all the London CCTV facial recognition systems to go crazy with a dozen verified “Julians” running in every direction, jumping into cars, trains, trollies & cars, riding bikes, in every direction.

    Perhaps the Ecuadoran Embassy could make a bit of money selling “Pay-Per-Views” of the action, with a bunch of Julians wearing some Go-Pro cams doing LIVE streams to watch the ones that get away, or the ones that get caught.

    Let the British government get stuck with paying a bunch more agents with over-time pay until they get tired of it.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I think it would be MORE fun than watching the “Running of the Bulls”, especially if the embassy has people climbing out of the windows, jumping the fences, etc.

    There could even be extra people outside the embassy with extra “Julian Masks” in their pockets, ready to put them on and cruise around the area.

    Pack the area with as many “Julians” as possible. Oh the videos would be hilarious.

    In the mean time, give the embassy some SUN TANNING beds, etc, so that the real Julian can get some much needed UV rays. Donate some brown or beige hair dye, etc. Make it as interesting as possible.

    And have a dozen “Taxi cabs standing by”, along with plenty of bicycles and private cars, all with the same intention of helping the runners to escape. Perhaps a few extra walkie talkies set to help “fill the airwaves” with extra chatter to confuse the official agents communication nets? Or even some radio jammers, etc. I think embassies are allowed to use radio-jammers for security reasons, eh?

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