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These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

by Alexander Light, Intellihub:

They” want obedient “robots,” just intelligent enough to operate the machines and keep the system running.

The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planet’s resources. David Icke coined it the “Totalitarian Tip-Toe,” because “they” are making very small steps towards our complete and definitive enslavement.

As a result, the masses remain relatively unaware of the fact that their liberties are being gradually taken away, while the power of the NWO octopus grows steadily.

The shadow forces behind the NWO agenda

Somewhere near the very top of the pyramid, an extremely elitist organisation known as the Council of the 13 families orchestrates all of the major world events. As the name suggests, the Council consists of the top 13 most influential families on Earth.

An increasingly number of people is becoming aware that 99% of the Earth’s population is controlled by an “elite” 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% “elite” and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

In their opinion, they are entitled to rule over the rest of us because they are the direct descendants of the ancient gods and consider themselves royal. These families are:

Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
Cavendish (Kennedy)
De Medici
Sinclair (St. Clair)
Warburg (del Banco)
Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)
(Personally, I suspect that this may not be the complete list and some very powerful lineages are still unknown to us).

The Rothschild dynasty is unquestionably the most powerful – visible – bloodline on Earth and their estimated wealth is around $500 trillions!

They exercise their power through the world banking empire, which is almost entirely owned by them.

The most important institutions that work hard to establish the NWO and completely enslave our species, are:

The City of London (finance, controlled by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the UK
The US Federal Reserve (finance – private bank, owned by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the USA
The Vatican City (indoctrination, deception and scare tactics) – NOT part of Italy
Washington D.C. (military, mind programming, brainwashing and depopulation) – NOT part of the USA
All of the above institutions function as individual states, operating under their own laws, hence there is no court of law on Earth that could ever prosecute them.

The multitude of Secret Societies in existence today, operate as branches of a mega corporation, which is owned by the Council of the 13 families.

Even though they have been handsomely rewarded for their work, the members of these secret societies are not members of the “elite” bloodlines, they don’t know who their masters are and they have no idea what the real agenda is.

The brainwashing

Another mass-enslavement tool that they are using against us, is the so called educational system. Schools are no longer what they used to be and children are learning to memorize without thinkingand obey without questioning.

In fact, this established educational system is extremely expensive to keep operational and obsolete in the age of the internet.

“Why obsolete?” you may ask. Because the internet gives us free access to almost infinite amounts of information.

So why are we still paying huge amounts of money for governmental education? Because the world’s “elite” require that our children learn conformity and inside-the-box thinking.

What can we do about it?

Mankind’s faith is hanging in the balance right now, as the control of the NWO octopus spreads. On the one hand, we are very close to our complete enslavement, while on the other hand, we could easily crumble to the ground their pyramid of power, by simply uniting against their deception in a peaceful revolution of minds, hearts and souls.

I’ve asked myself for years what is their greatest weapon of enslavement. Is it poor education combined with constant indoctrination? Is it the fear generated by religion? Is it the fear of being punished (jailed or killed) by the system, or is it the invisible enslavement of the monetary system?

In my opinion, all of the above combined had a huge impact on our society and the way we think, but their biggest weapon is hands-down the financial system!

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3 comments to These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    There’s always some list of “13” Families who control the world, but rarely do you find an author who gives you a fact-filled HISTORY of the modern Western world, and not only where the centers of power and control are, but who the main establishment “movers and shakers” were (and are), and what their OVERALL AGENDA (WAS, AND STILL) IS…

    Read the book, entitled _THE COMMITTEE OF 300_, by Dr. John Coleman, former MI6 (BRITISH INTELLIGENCE). He gives you a SCHOLARLY, fact-filled HISTORY of who, exactly, the Western “elites” are, who FINANCES them, who their main Allies (or Subsidiaries) are, WHAT THEIR AGENDA IS, & how they’ve got the majority of people, Americans especially (thanks to their TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE, and their stranglehold on the U.S. Public “Education” System, the Main-Stream Media, & Hollywood), walking around like mind-less, brain-dead zombies, without a single CLUE, as to what is REALLY going on. HE COVERS IT ALL. EVERY American needs to get (self-) EDUCATED, and read this book.

    Here is where I obtained my copy:

    • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

      TWO additional books worth reading:

      2) THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND, by G. Edward Griffin

  • clambake

    Intellihub deleted this post, I reposted it –
    First response and the closing optomistic outlook shows exactly why we are doomed. The system has done it’s job.
    There will never be “free-range” humans again.
    ANARCHY (the archaic definition) is the only way out of this but again, the system has done it’s job.
    I will tell you how and even Putin who is our best contemporary hope, will not do this and JFK who was the Wests last (a diversion here – the Easts last two belong a religion which is the most reviled by the West, Muslim, they are Giddafi and Sadam Hussein. This area of the world is the last of the “free-range” humans, the last to get “the treatment” courtesy Rothschild), JFK got shot for making a babie’s step towards it.
    How will we be free ?
    1. Outlaw companies. Very simple, no more companies. All business conducted by “Association” delivers responsibility of decisions to each party for the decisions of the “Associated” members, that means each individual bares the brunt of the law for each other member, self regulation of action and consequence. This would never happen – the systems indoctrinated “loose morel standards” abrogate responsibility.
    To ensure the above, mandate that the individual or entity represent themselves in law. No more “legal” representation. Ban lawyers from representing others, they only advise those who are present, if you are not present you forfiet. Thus a piece of paper, which is what a company is cannot stand up and say anything.
    No more endless company within company within company anonimity.
    2. Patents are owned only by the inventor(s) only (the actual brains not the sponsors), the inventor must be paid for the use of the idea by a mandated percentage, how that is done bares discusion. Once the Inventor dies the idea is public property. There will be some who disagree with this but before open your mouth just have a think about this. It will work !!
    3. No more Usery. The total interest is in the contract from the start. A commodity based medium of exchange is required. Gold, Silver and Copper as a start but there are many other possibilities.
    4. The individual is the highest order in law. The rights of the individual should be inviolate by any other individual, group or nation. The US Constitution goes most of the way but is still quite restrictive. Each man “of good heart” should have the right to dispense justice as he sees fit and be accountable to a quorum of his peers, irrespective of their title, creed, race, religion, age or gender.
    5. There are a few other points which would be required along lines of governance, taxation being one, this is easy to work out. Divide GDP by the current tax take would give a tax rate on personal income and also a consumption based tax on expenses, there would be no deductions. No need for complicated accounting. In most Western Nations that is Around 5% but with the above points in place it would cost much less to run governmemt.
    6. Government would be on a staggered jury based system of an oversight commitee where all agreements made expire with the tenure of the participants. Nothing stopping future members adoption past successful treaties or decisions. This would ensure compassion and ethical decisions ridding the community of the psycopathic “human rights” think and insist an individualistic approach to living within the group.
    Many of the institutions of modern society would perish in this environment and good riddance to the stock market and all associated parasites, good bye all the “industrial complexes”, good luck to all perpetrators of heinous crime and cya later to the current education system.
    We are now in unicorn-fairy land, the population is so dependent on the system they hate so much that they cannot conceive such Anarchy.
    Trusting your neighbour to this degree went out with Adam.
    We are the slaves that we agree to be.

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