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The US is Being Isolated, As are the Western Paper Equity Markets?

from Rogue Money:

One of the most common questions I face is, “when will the stock market and or the paper equity markets, reflect the true state of the economy?” The answer is, “it already has, the media just will not report on it in a factual manner.” Whether by stupidity or by “orders given” they aren’t telling the whole story.

The truth is, things that are in motion, both up or down, have a measurable life to them. When motion stalls long enough, things give up and die. WG

Imagine you are running a business and your “product line” has dwindled to “few & far between”. Regardless of the reasons you have become a business outpost, you are now isolated. Without a quick resolution to the stagnation of your product and lack of business movement, your business entity will most likely die. Trying something and failing beats doing nothing, as you can at least learn from your mistakes. Can’t learn diddly-do sitting still. Are we there yet?

A business with no tangible output has to resort to paper ‘bs’, and once it stalls, the end is nigh. Are we there yet? No, we are there, NOW! “There Yet”, is soon to be so yesterday for users of the dollar as legal tender. More in a second. WG

Mrs. WG will be happy with me in this installment, as I had to back off the lengthy pontificating to work with “The Guerrilla” & the rest of the team on a new project.

News that Leads to the Subject Matter

I was going to avoid the WG, “Who Gives a Shit Category” segment, but some things can’t be avoided……..

The above crap stayed on top of the “Yahoo News” crawl for two consecutive days. Folks it ain’t staying near the top without some sort of demand for this form of voyeuristic ‘bs’. This is starting to go well beyond “taking our attention off the true news you can use” material. There is more than misdirection and or indoctrination involved here. I now believe there is an actual demand for this mindless drivel.

For example; at the beginning of last week I walked through the Mrs. WG tv viewing zone, and caught one of her favorite shows “Family Feud” playing. Believe it or not the question up for discussion was, “What word best describes Kim Kardashian’s rear end?”

Oh lighten up Wolf, quit being a prude..! Hey, I am a Wolf, a.k.a. a dog, and the misses still throttles my arse for my roaming eyes, but 30 years ago that type question would have been on a late night SNL (Sat. Night live) version of “Family Feud”, not in a time slot right after the evening meal. Ready for K-6 ears & eyeballs.

Actually, maybe I should do an entire installment on just the “Yahoo News Crawl Crap”, or “YNCC”. You really could take the temperature of how dumb we are, and the direction of the economy based on the stupidity of the public’s viewing demands. There is a time for everything, and in the west the time for productive enlightenment is no where to be found. And in the same vein……here is another WG “WGSC,” but with a more business related question involved……

CITI should call the Wolf Gray. He could tell them how to price the Brexit into the market. Here is the complicated answer, “YOU DON’T! I’m getting slightly into the subject matter here (ahead of schedule), but the paper markets aren’t legitimate anymore as supple/demand isn’t measurable. Don’t waste the damned time. The fund managers are legally bound to conduct trading with your money in paper instruments, and those instruments, outside of the debt markets have been stagnant or range bound for two years. Too boot it all, as reported several times recently the fund outflow, or redemptions are breaking records over & over & over, but the plunge protection unit pulls in the other direction. Eliminate the PPU, and the equity world would have died long ago. Check out the following link for proof once again…….

Bear in mind, if you spend enough time furiously running back & forth, back & forth, but staying on the same playing field literally going no where, all you end up doing is wearing the grass out. The “GREEN” is wore out folks, it is stagnant, it is becoming seriously isolated. The green paper that is! More after these important news messages………WG

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