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The Shocking Truth about the Turkish Coup

from The Wealth Watchman:

Some very big things happened at lightning speed in Turkey, over the weekend. As many are now aware, there was a military coup in Turkey, that attempted to oust Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodgan from power.

The world watched breathlessly as soldiers took up positions in Ankara, Constantinople and elsewhere, while a besieged Erdogan, who “escaped death by minutes”, assured the Turkish people that he was, in fact, okay. Millions followed a step by step breakdown of the coup on social media, and waited on pins and needles as President Erdogan gave a rousing call to all patriotic Turks everywhere to “take to the streets to secure and support Democracy,” as the coup climaxed, and ultimately failed. There was just one little problem with this whole “Hallmark, Feel Good” story…

Faking a Coup

It wasn’t true.  The entire thing now appears to have been staged….and likely by none other than President Erdogan himself.

“What!? Ok Watchman, you lost me!  Saying Erdogan staged the coup himself is a bridge too far!”

Not really, my friend.

You see, we now know that the “manhunt” for Erdogan was actually anything but, as both the pursuing military and their planes knew exactly where he was at all times, but did nothing.

In fact, Turkish F-16s not only knew Erdogan’s whereabouts,but literally had a target lock on Erdogan’s plane, but refused to fire on it.  As you can see here, they had the plane and its entire flight pattern in real time.

Yet at the very moment they could’ve ended this man’s life with one missile, they did nothing.

Hours later, of course, Erdogan landed safely, the “rogue wing” of the army behind the uprising was easily put down by other branches of the military, and President Erdogan was given a hero’s welcome.

Voila!  The reviled man became an instant sensation, like magic!


The Crackdown

Erdogan’s regime has wasted absolutely zero time in tightening the iron fist, in the wake of the coup.  He’s already rounded up thousands of folks suspected to be ‘disloyal’.  How many arrests are we talking about here?

No one knows just how many people have been arrested so far, but the number of names is now at least over 20,000, that have been identified as “problematic” to the Erdogan Presidency.  Now, one would’ve thought that thorough investigations and tribunals would’ve been necessary for weeks in order to ascertain the true masterminds of an operation this large.

Nope!  Erdogan’s just that good!  20,000 co-conspirators, including exhaustive lists of:

Judges and justices

Are all included in it, from all walks of life.  It is a very comprehensive set of ‘agitators’.
Many of these people, truth be told, were probably merely guilty of being outspoken critics of Erdogan’s tyrannical and criminal activities as president.  However, now none of that matters right now.  The attack has seemingly galvanized vast portions of Turkey’s populace around Erdogan, which gives him nearly cart blanche to wipe away the fiercest political opponents he has.

Oh, and brother, if you’re like me, and you feel this happenstance is just ‘too lucky’ or convenient for President Erdogan, your imagination isn’t overactive, and you’re not alone in your suspicions!

Just read what the EU commissioner Johannes Hahn has said about the whole Turkish ordeal:

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4 comments to The Shocking Truth about the Turkish Coup

  • Any “Truth” about this Turkish Coup that does not include the heroin running through Incirlik air base or the feud between Gulen and Erdogan can’t even be called a half-truth.

    The Blind Watchman strikes again… it’s a shame, because the dude has rhetorical chops and a talent for prose. His macrofinancial and geopolitical analysis, unfortunately, is always two steps shy of getting somewhere.

  • glitter 1

    “I’d like to end by issuing a warning to shield brothers in the US though: don’t think for one second that elected officials in Washington DC, wouldn’t try something similar, if they too felt their power was threatened, as he did.

    These criminal cabal families always look after #1: themselves. Their time will come, though.”


    Whether it was a plot of his own design or an attempt by the CIA in covering their tracks,either scenario could be potentially applied to/anacted by the squatter in DC at a pre designated near future point in time.

  • Ed_B

    “Saying Erdogan staged the coup himself is a bridge too far!””

    LOL! A bridge too far? Here????? No effing way. False Flags are the order of the day amongst the elites and their minions… and Erdogan is definitely a minion. Why else are there millions of Arabs, whom the Turks absolutely despise and would not pee on if they were on fire, traipsing through Turkey on their way to the EU? The Turks would rather shoot Arabs than look at them, so why aren’t they? IMO, the fix was in years ago and this is but another brick in that wall.

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