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The Road to Roota End Game is Playing Out in Real Time!

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:

It’s amazing how many of the Road to Roota events are playing out at the exact right time for the “Planned End Game.” From the destruction of fiat money through massive monetary creation events (EU called for $150B bankster bailout today), to the end of Globalization, to the destruction of the Derivative Complex (BREXIT derivative settlement this week and next), to the beginnings of the Silver and Bitcoin “MOONSHOT” (could happen any moment) to even Greenspan calling for the return to the Gold Standard – it’s all happening NOW!

There have been many new subscribers to the Road to Roota so if you are struggling to see how this all fits together PLEASE watch these two videos as they sum up what’s happening:

Bix Weir – Mass Awakening Followed by Chaos

Understanding the Road to Roota Theory by Bix Weir

This coming week should be CRAZY and needs to be taken in context of the overall plan. There will be chaos, there will be bailouts, there will be money creation and there will be MASSIVE volatility in the alternatives to Fiat Money…Silver, Gold  and Bitcoin.

If you haven’t read my books you NEED to. It’s all laid out for you to easily understand WHY this is going to happen…WHY this HAS to happen. You can find all the books in Roota’s General Store here:

Now is the time to be OUT of the system entirely. No assets in checking or savings accounts, not stocks or bonds or CD’s, no 401k’s or IRA’s or ANYTHING held by a 3rd party will be washed to sea in the derivative meltdown.

The coming economic breakdown has been put off for so long that there is no chance of SAVING the system anymore. There will be no Re-jiggering of the monetary system with a revaluation (RV) or hidden collateral accounts or Special Drawing Rights or even a gold and silver backing of the money in circulation. It won’t work. Too much money hidden away by the Bad Guys to ever “revalue” the current allocation of money.

It all has to be washed AWAY before we even think of what to use as money next.

It’s the only way to be FREE.

Note: I love that the Original Road to Roota Comics that were posted at the Fed on January 1, 2007 with HUGE red exclamation points are still on the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s website. I always ask people that disagree with the Road to Roota Theory to EXPLAIN to me WHY these comics were written, WHAT they mean and why they are STILL POSTED on the Fed Boston Website with their own page and the “Road to Roota: Teacher’s Guide” added for those that still struggle to understand what “Wishes & Rainbows” is REALLY all about.

Everything is hidden in plain sight!

Here’s just some of the questions posed by the Fed in the Teacher’s Guide:

1) The mayor of Pebbleton announces that, since the colored flowers are so rare and valuable, they are going to be used as money, with petals for change. Is this a good idea?

2) What resources are scarce in the United States today? What happens to the price of scarce resources?

3) What distribution system does Roota choose and why?

4) Will the Pebblepeople accept Roota’s distribution system? What might happen if they don’t?

5) The fact that Pebbleton will never be the same following the appearance of the colored flowers is clear.

and there is so much more in these comics!

Can they make it any more obvious??

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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