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For all the linear thinking people out there, do you need any more proof of the cyclical nature of history than the last two weeks? Politicians being assassinated in Britain. Then the people of Britain shocking the world by telling the politicians, EU bureaucrats, and central bankers to fuck off. Markets in turmoil. Currencies in turmoil.

Then the rule of law is completely trashed by the FBI, DOJ and the rest of the corrupt establishment running this country. Hillary Clinton commits multiple crimes, lies under oath, and skates away free to become the next president of the United States. If ever rational thinking people needed more proof the system is rigged, they got it this week. The simmering anger among the hoi poloi is palpable.

Then two police shootings of black men in the U.S. Obama doing his absolute best to fan the flames of racial discontent. And now the blowback of black terrorists slaughtering police in Dallas. There is nothing or no one who will keep this from intensifying.

As I’ve said hundreds of times over the last few years, Fourth Turnings DO NOT deescalate or de-intensify. They build to a crescendo of violence, bloodshed and war. The world is a powderkeg and we are on the verge of a civil war, monetary war, cyber war, and eventually world war.

We can all go about our lives like everything will resolve itself peacefully. We can believe the establishment that everything is just fine. We can pretend the coming storms can be avoided. That’s delusional thinking. There are ten years left in this Fourth Turning. If you think the first eight years weren’t so hot, you haven’t seen anything yet. The two presidential candidates are lightning rods.

I wonder if Obama will call this domestic terrorism. Knowing what a lowlife race baiter he is, he’ll try to blame the NRA, Trump, and guns for this slaughter. I think I’ll take a safer route to my job this morning. The upcoming political conventions will be the next powderkeg to blow during this INTENSIFYING Fourth Turning. It won’t be until the next financial collapse portion of this Crisis when the willfully ignorant populace will notice that the shit is hitting the fan.

Police: 5 officers dead, 6 hurt in Dallas protest shooting

DALLAS (AP) — Snipers opened fire on police officers in the heart of Dallas, killing five officers and injuring six others during protests over two recent fatal police shootings of black men, police said, in a week that bore dark echoes of the tumultuous civil rights era.

Three people are in custody and a fourth suspect was exchanging gunfire with authorities in a parking garage downtown, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said early Friday morning.

The suspect is not cooperating and has told negotiators he intends to hurt more law enforcement officials, the chief said.

The gunfire broke out around 8:45 p.m. Thursday while hundreds of people were gathered to protest fatal police shootings this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and suburban St. Paul, Minnesota. Brown told reporters the snipers fired “ambush style” upon the officers. Mayor Mike Rawlings said one member of the public was wounded in the gunfire.

Protests were also held in several other cities across the country Thursday night after a Minnesota officer on Wednesday fatally shot Philando Castile while he was in a car with a woman and a child. The aftermath of the shooting was livestreamed in a widely shared Facebook video. A day earlier, Alton Sterling was shot in Louisiana after being pinned to the pavement by two white officers. That, too, was captured on a cellphone video.

Video footage from the Dallas scene showed protesters were marching along a street in downtown, about half a mile from City Hall, when the shots erupted and the crowd scattered, seeking cover.

Brown said that it appeared the shooters “planned to injure and kill as many officers as they could.”

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