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The Globalists Have Prepared to Enslave You- Have You Prepared to Survive?

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Trump and the Independent Media have brought millions of new people to the battleground of the fight that can be labeled as the People vs. the Globalists. The globalists intention is to destroy the soveriegnty of every major nation along with their culture, economy and military. One person recently wrote to me and said he could see the freight train coming in America’s direction. I wrote back and asked him, “Which freight train?” One thing is for sure, there isn’t just one freight train coming our way, there is an army of freight trains, all of which, will run over America while taking no prisoners. Are you prepared?

If you are new to this movement, you might be asking, “What are the dangers and how do I prepare”

Among the many topics that I am going to cover in this series, I am going to bring the reader the message of how people and their families will be lured to FEMA camps by the millions. In future articles, I will be covering all the tricks that will be used against the People to accomplish this goal. How do I know these things? The government has already practiced, so we don’t only know what the establishent is going to do, we also know how they are going to do it.

Some of the dnagers include the imminent economic collapse, the developing and contrived race war in America, illegal immigration resulting in ISIS attacks (even the FBI admits they are present in all 50 states), contrived and preplanned food and water shortages, and World War III just to name a few of the many “freight trains” coming in our direcction.

In the last two days, I received six emails with empassioned pleas for assistance in getting and how to get ready to survive what is coming. In an interview I did with Steve Quayle, he recently said “What we used to say is coming, is not longer coming, it is here”. Steve is correct and I am stunned at the rapidity of the decline and the exponentially increased dangers that we all face. Many of my emails reflect the same sense of impending doom and people want to to know how to survive. Here is an example of a recent communication that was sent to me yesterday.

Dear Mr. Hodges,

I am new to all of this. I have been reading your articles and listening to your show for the past six months or so. I know you and most of your guests are correct. Trump by himself cannot make America great again. It is going to take most of us fighting for the same things. I also know that we are going to have bloodshed in this country like we have not seen since the civil war in the 1860’s. Here is my problem. I am a single father of 2 boys ages 11 and 15. My wife died of cancer 2 years ago. We lost half of our income when my wife died. It takes money to prepare And even if I had money I don’t know what to do to increase our chances of survival. Can you please point me in the right direction.I know we are the near the end and I do not have much time, please help! Please do more shows on preparation.



To Richard and the several people who have written to me and to the silent majority who are wondering the same, I offer the following as suggestions along with hints on where you can go to begin to meet these needs. Please feel free to use who you want to help you and your family get ready for America’s day of reckoning. However, if you are not prepared, I have some suggestions on where to go to get needed survival supplies.

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