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The Fix Is In: Hillary Will Be The Next President!

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Infowars reporter David Knight host the sunday edition of the alex jones show. David reports on how the fix is in for hillary and how the RNC & DNC are going all out to make sure she gets in the white house in 2016. Trump is in Trouble!

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2 comments to The Fix Is In: Hillary Will Be The Next President!

  • anon

    IF Hitlary gets in the White House, may GOD (PLEASE!) SAVE AMERICA (from the consequences!)

    Satan MUST be the Prince of this world! Look at all the dead innocents, tens if not hundreds of millions ~ just in the 20th Century ~ alone. History provides us with the record of the deeds of the “Committee of 300” and their Western International Central Banker Financiers, and their Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that Hitlary Clinton works for. And yet, BLIND AMERICAN SHEEPLE will actually go to the polls, to “vote” for her!


  • d

    GOD has shown the last of his mercy and grace on this nation….Eyes wide open and you will see the results of the ‘loss of HIS grace’…….This nations church’s have allowed the ‘word of God ‘ to be banned all over this once proud and GOD fearing nation….now we fear a CIA sponsored evil ISIS…and mock and remove the ‘hand of God’ from this nation…the USA is never mentioned any where in the ‘last days’ writings or prophecy…..might it be because we have turned our backs to God’s grace….imho

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