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The Debt Game Is Over — Catherine Austin Fitts

from Greg Hunter:

On the economy crashing this year, investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts says, “Could we turn into a bear market? I think given the commitment to equity markets and given the willingness to debase the currency, I think the chances of that are relatively small this year. Next year, depending on what happens in the election, the gloves are going to come off globally about what’s been going on in the U.S. Anything could happen. That’s the danger if you are an investment advisor or an investor. The swings here is we could be up 30%, or we could be down 50%. A black swan could happen, so if you are an investor, you need to be prepared for very, very wide swings both up and down in prices in the equity markets. Here’s the important thing to remember. . . . We now have $12 trillion sitting in negative interest rates. Where’s all that money going to go? It can’t sit there getting nothing. It will have to go into real estate. It’s going to have to go into equity. It’s going to have to go to precious metals because it can’t sit there getting no or negative yields forever. . . . The debt game is over.”

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4 comments to The Debt Game Is Over — Catherine Austin Fitts

  • Eric

    “Here’s the important thing to remember. . . . We now have $12 trillion sitting in negative interest rates. Where’s all that money going to go?…”

    They knocked Silver down to $20/oz. Seems like a bargain to me.

    Really like these Viking bars…

  • Eric

    Catherine is one smart cookie.

    3 things stand out…

    1) “Over 50% of Americans bank directly or indirectly with JP Morgan.” SO STOP IT!

    2) Get to know your sheriff and do not let Federal law enforcement override your local sheriff. The sheriff always has jurisdiction because he’s elected by the voters. Community policing. Not Federal.

    3) Do NOT allow gun control. Too late here in California. They’re not going to come take your guns (yet). They’re going to require background checks for ammo purchases, gun loans, and “regulate” everything. A backdoor to registration.

  • Randy

    Oh stop it! Just stop it! She’s not even one tenth as smart as she wants you to think she is! She’s almost as bad as a politician, always talking out of both sides of her mouth and spewing nothing but confusions!
    I’ll bet that she can’t even give the correct definition of money, unless she has read my paper entitled What is Money? and quotes from it.
    If you are still stuck in the system (Matrix), you will lose EVERYTHING when the world wide fiat paper currency financial system collapses! You will have no job, no paycheck coming in, no bank accounts of any kind because you will not be able to access any of them without electricity humming in the wires.
    You may have a house or apartment to live in for a short time, but you really won’t want to be there with no electricity and no water. What foods will you eat? How will you defend what you have from people who don’t have anything and want to take what you’ve got? Do you think that it will only be a very limited collapse when it happens?
    So what if you know your local Sheriff? Is he or she going to be living right next door to you to protect you and yours? Good luck with THAT! How will the Sheriff be able to operate when he or she is in the exact same sinking boat that you are in? You’ve obviously not thought this through very far now, have you?

    • Eric

      If she’s “always talking out of both sides of her mouth and spewing nothing but confusions,” why don’t you provide some examples?

      If you don’t want to talk to the sheriff, good luck with the Feds. I’m sure that will work out well for you.

      Obviously you haven’t been following along very closely Randy as I have always said I am 97% physical, 3% cash and mining shares. When are you expecting the electricity to go off? I’ve experienced many black outs, but lately everything has been just fine. Got plenty of food and water and physical money. Are you sure you’re prepared or just emotionally reacting?

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